What is green tourism

Green tourismVacation with a clear conscience

Expert opinions

Wolfgang Strasdas, Professor of Sustainable Tourism Management at Eberswalde University and freelance tourism advisor:
"If you want to do everything 'right' when traveling, you should consider the following: Only go on long-distance trips if you have a lot of time, otherwise you prefer to go on holiday nearby, use environmentally friendly means of transport, prefer providers certified for their sustainability, regional dishes Buy products and services. "

Jörn W. Mundt, former head of the travel management course at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and author of "Tourism and Sustainable Development":
"There is no such thing as sustainable travel - unless one is on foot, by bike or sailing boat. A journey would only be sustainable if the energy used for it was renewed and its emissions neutralized. The use of fossil fuels for transport makes the former impossible and the latter difficult. "

Antje Monshausen, tourism officer at "Bread for the World" and head of the "Tourism Watch" office:
"Even if many holiday offers can be designed sustainably, the ecological balance of some products has no relation to the travel experience, for example short city trips by plane, heli-skying or cruising flights. For many, the main arguments when choosing a trip are destination and price. Stay there Unfortunately, ecology and fairness still fall by the wayside too often. "