Armed robbery is better than pen robbery

Attempted robbery in luxury hostelPolice take apprenticeKevin (19) firmly

Nienstedten - Armed robbery, that's a couple of years in jail together ...

The police are certain that an apprentice from the hotel "Louis C. Jacob" is the culprit!

On July 19, at 3:10 a.m., a masked man threatened a barman (31) at the luxury inn with a gun. Instead of saying anything, he only asked for money with gestures.

Because you would have recognized his voice?

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When a second employee came, the robber fled. After a search call, a witness reported who had noticed a blue Ford with a license plate from Hesse at the hotel on the night of the crime.

Kevin A. * (19), apprentice hotel manager at the "Jacob", comes from this town in Hesse and drives a blue Ford ...

Click, handcuffs. The young man was arrested on his way to work at the hotel.

Kevin A. denies the act. According to BILD information, he was released for the time being.

Hotel director Jost Deitmar: “We are very affected. The trainee was released. First of all, we start from the presumption of innocence. The robbed employees are still on duty, we will take care of them. We immediately increased the security measures in and around the hotel. "

* Name changed

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