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State Police Police State Police State Police


Michael Dwyer was killed by Bolivian state police in April 2009.
Michael Dwyer was born in April 2009 by the Bolivian State Police killed.
Leave a couple of guys here for the state police.
This judge ordered the state police to withdraw.
The judge's withdrawal police arranged.
We just got word from the state police.
We were just back from the police notified.
And the state police there had a CI inside.
And the state police have 30 or 40 unconfirmed eyewitness reports.
You should have seen this place. Swarming with state police.
Nothing yet, but state police are moving in.
To meet with the state police.
This just popped out the state police nexus.
I just talked to the state police.
Once we got away, we went straight to the state police.
We should fund a high-priority investigation by the state police.
We should give priority to the study State Police finance.
We can't investigate this with the state police looking over our shoulder.
We cannot investigate if the State Police looks over his shoulder.
FBI, Homeland, state police - they're all on high alert.
FBI, Homeland Security, State Police - they are all on high alert.
Alles state police found was five dead goombas.
But nothing before the departure of the state police from our town hall.
But nothing before that police does not leave our town hall again.
And besides, I'm monitoring the FBI through state police.
The state police are on every road out of town.
The State Police is on all the streets that lead out of the city.
We received the state police report only this morning.
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