Which place serves the tastiest breakfast

The world for breakfast: 32 international breakfast ideas

Hearty foods from the pan

English Breakfast: sausages, baked beans and poached eggs

The British love it hot and hearty. Beans, tomato sauce, sausages and fried eggs - that's an extremely nutritious start to the day. Another tea with a splash of milk and you'll feel like you're in London. To the recipe

Shakshuka all’arrabiata - eggs in a spicy tomato sauce

Shakshuka is a classic of the Levant and ideally suited to start the day well strengthened. Shakshuka can also be modified very well and thus has a different taste dimension. Discover a rich variant with diced bacon here. To the recipe

Egg hoppers

The people in Sri Lanka could not decide whether there should be pancakes or fried eggs for breakfast and without further ado developed these deliciously spicy Egg Hoppers: Pancake meets fried egg. To the recipe

Onion soup with a difference: French onion and bread casserole

Are you a late riser? Great, then this French onion and bread casserole is your ace in your dressing gown. Onions caramelized in sherry and hearty pickled bread are topped with strong Gruyère and bring you lively into the day. To the recipe

Nice pans for your nice breakfast

Muesli & Co.

Sweet couscous with fresh berries and maple syrup

Every day muesli is boring at some point. Instead, try this sweet couscous made with fresh berries and maple syrup. Or let your imagination run free and add a few almonds or walnuts. To the recipe

Porridge: that's how easy it is to prepare a full breakfast

Treat yourself to a change from grain rolls and cold cuts and prepare yourself a delicious and filling porridge. You can spice up this delicacy from England with fresh berries, creamy almond butter and chia seeds. To the recipe

Bircher muesli

So far, you've only seen Bircher Muesli from the refrigerated section? Well then it's time to put together the muesli from Switzerland yourself. So save yourself the many artificial flavors and ingredients that have no place in a healthy breakfast, because you only need 5 ingredients. To the recipe

Everything for your muesli

Pancakes from all over the world

American Pancakes

The classic from the USA: American pancakes are smaller and, thanks to baking powder, thicker than their German counterparts. Stack them in towers and turn the maple syrup tap full. To the recipe

Syrniki: Russian cottage cheese pancakes

Pancakes that taste like a creamy cheesecake? In Russia they have these fantastically fluffy syrniki made from cottage cheese for breakfast. Served with a dollop of sour cream and caramelized berries, you sweeten the day for your loved ones. To the recipe

Hearty Dutch babies

Here is something for everyone. No matter whether you like your Dutch baby with fried egg and bacon, with avocado and ham or with salmon and creme fraîche - with the pancakes from the oven, all special requests at the breakfast table are fulfilled. To the recipe

Hottokēki. Japanese pancakes

Hottokēkiis the Japanese answer to American pancakes. The difference? They are a bit thicker, fluffier and a tad sweeter. Top them with mascarpone and fresh berries, for example. To the recipe

Egg, egg and even more egg

Persian frittata with leek and herbs

This frittata could also be called the breakfast of 1000 spices and flavors. How so? Have a look at the list of ingredients. And when you put the egg mixture in the pan and the scent unfolds, you are on a trip to the Orient for some time. To the recipe

Vietnamese omelette with hoisin filling

A touch of turmeric, a dash of coconut milk and your bright yellow omelette is ready. But stop! The delicious filling with prawns, bacon, sprouts and hoisin sauce is still missing. The Vietnamese egg dish is ready. To the recipe

Kimchi omelette with siracha syrup and mushrooms

Omelette in Korean - the pickled Chinese cabbage and sriracha sauce make it wonderfully spicy and slightly hot. You have probably never eaten an omelette like this before. To the recipe

Breakfast the Mexican way: hearty breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs

Do you like it hearty in the morning? Do you like scrambled eggs and crispy bacon? And do you like mexican food? Bingo! Here comes your dream breakfast - everything that is good folded up in a tortilla. To the recipe

Atsuyaki Tamago

A simple omelette does not come easily to the Japanese on the table. Here the egg is rolled up into a block - not too round and not too angular. The Japanese mayonnaise then provides the special taste. To the recipe

Breakfast to go

Breakfast from Holland: Hagelslag

In Holland it rains a lot of sprinkles in all imaginable colors and shapes on bread for breakfast. Let your imagination run wild and get creative - do you use butter, nougat cream or peanut butter as a base for the colorful spectacle? To the recipe

Breakfast calzone with egg and mozzarella

Breakfast to go in Italian: Delicious eggs, crispy bacon and spicy Parmesan, finely wrapped in yeast dough, don't give your breakfast cravings a chance, even when you're out and about. To the recipe

New York Breakfast Bagel

Here comes your big portion of New York. With this lavishly topped bagel with a velvety cream of cream cheese, avocado and pine nuts, fried eggs, bacon and cheddar, you will definitely start the day satisfied and satisfied. There is only a growl in the stomach when looking at it. To the recipe

Koeksisters - deep-fried plait cake from South Africa

Pulled, deep-fried and soaked in ginger sugar syrup. The South African Koeksisters made from cornmeal go through a lot before you can nibble on. But, it's definitely worth it. They taste like a mixture of donut and churro with a hint of ginger - simply divine! To the recipe

Breakfast quesadillas

Set your alarm clock for a few minutes later and allow yourself some sleep. You prepared the delicious quesadillas quickly yesterday evening and you can warm them up and plaster them straight away. To the recipe

Freshly baked

Franzbrötchen - the original from Hamburg

For all Northern Lights and Hamburg fans - or simply for everyone who likes to eat well. Of course, Franzbrötchen is only available in the right quality in Hamburg - or in your own kitchen. With the step-by-step instructions we will tell you how to do it. To the recipe