Will a girl marry a Dalit boy?

Mirah could be saved from the forced marriage

Amika Devi * is the mother of two daughters and one son. Since her husband passed away, she has been fighting for the livelihood of her small family every day. Her job as a cook does not bring in enough money to be able to provide for her children adequately. With no prospect of prospects, under pressure from the village community and with a guilty conscience, Amika Devi decides to take her eldest daughter Mirah * out of school at the age of 17 so that she can get married. The choice of husband has already been made by the families.

Education is the solution

But Amika Devi is concerned about whether her decision was the right one. She shares her insecurity with the other women in the women's federation of our partner organization Arunodaya Sansthan. What will your daughter's future look like - married early and without a school leaving certificate? All she wants is for Mirah to be better off than herself. But is there an alternative to early marriage? The Arunodaya Sansthan staff took the opportunity to talk to the women about the consequences of early marriage, especially with regard to the health and development of girls. For Amika Devi it ​​is clear after this meeting: No matter what the family says, they will withdraw their consent to this marriage! And one more thing: she will manage to give her daughter a good education! The employees of Arunodaya Sansthan have assured her: With the support of ANDHERI HILFE, they will help her to set up a small income project so that she can earn enough to look after her children until they are adults and can stand on their own two feet.

* Name and photos have been changed to protect privacy.