Have you fulfilled your dreams

10 questions that will wake you up to make your dreams come true

Do you feel the same way sometimes, your head is full of wishes and dreams, but somehow you can't get out of the quark? Do you shift it every day and let everyday life catch up with you?

And then suddenly another year is over and you haven't realized any of your dreams. You may still be thinking to yourself: “Oh, I can do that later. Now I have to work and earn money first ”.

So your hamster wheel keeps you busy. Sometimes you probably don't even notice that you are pushing back your big dreams. It's also great to meet up with friends and try out the new Thai restaurant. And the nice weather today just invites you to the beer garden.

But what about then, are you really happy at the end of the day?

Here are 10 reasons why you should start living your dreams today. Let them wake you up.


1. Do you really think that at 67 you are still as fit as you are today?

I don't know what kind of dreams you have and what else life has in store for you, but then you will probably no longer be able to climb the Himalayas. A canoe tour through Canada will probably no longer be a piece of cake. If you can get there at all, who knows how your health is going. Flying may not be for you anymore.


2. Do you envy people who make their dreams come true?

Go on a world tour, run a marathon, fly to Indonesia and learn to dive. Do you think these people are waiting to retire? It can be you who does it. If you envy someone, it just means that you are dissatisfied with your life and would prefer to do something else.


3. Do you think the people who make their dreams come true are all rich and have an incredible amount of time?

Definitely not. I can tell you from my own experience that I started saving with zero euros in my account for my dream. And I had no time at all if I was allowed to speak with your words. A 50 hour week is called having no time. But that is a fallacy! You can take both time and money. You are the master of your life, you choose for yourself what you give your time for. You don't have to watch TV for two hours after work. And you don't have to go to the expensive restaurant either. If you know what you are doing, it saves itself almost as if by itself. And the best things in life do not cost any money, or not as much as you think. Or would you have thought that 10,000 euros would bring you around the world for a year?


4. Be honest, if you died today, would you have experienced everything you wanted to experience?

Think about what else you want to do in your life. Wouldn't it be incredibly sad to know that you had the time, but for the sake of comfort you just let yourself go and let life go by?


5. So if you start today, would you have enough time to do whatever you dream of doing?

Think about it carefully, and then start small dreams immediately, otherwise you won't get rid of the oppressive feeling.


6. What are you waiting for?

Something has to happen first for you to take action. Do you want to have an accident first? After that you may not be able to walk anymore, but you always wanted to go hiking over the Alps. Well, it doesn't have to be that bad right away. But why do we always need an accident first to finally tackle the life of our dreams? Why don't you get started right away?


7. So think very carefully whether you want to live in the past or in the now.

Dare to go Let the past be past. And create your happiness today and make it your distinctive past. Recreate them every day. Now you can live your life. Yesterday is over and cannot be changed, but today it is. And in today you lay the foundations for your tomorrow.


8. What are you afraid of?

What's stopping you from living your dreams? Are you afraid it might not turn out well? One thing is for sure, if you don't try, it will definitely not be good. Just do it, it can only be better than not trying it. Most of the time, when we overcome our fear, we experience something incredibly beautiful and it makes us strong. What are you waiting for?


9. Who set your limits for you?

Break out of them! You don't have to work to retirement and live your life ahead of you. Take your life into your own hands. Nothing is wrong or dangerous when it comes to doing it. These are just your limiting beliefs in your head trying to convince you what is right and wrong and what you can or cannot do.


10. Do you even know your true dreams?

Do you even know what you really want. Think about what you always wanted to do, what fascinated you as a child? Discover your dreams and then get started, preferably today, more precisely now. Or do you want to regret at the end of your life for not fulfilling your dreams?


Wouldn't you like to look back satisfied at the end of your life and know that you have done everything to have made this life your best?

If you need help with this, have a look around here, maybe the solution for you is here. I would like to accompany you a bit on your way.

From my heart


Let your dreams come true!

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