Appreciate employers business leadership certificates

St. Gallen
Business school

Peter Balke

Dipl. Finance Manager SGBS®

The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V, Frankfurt am Main

«Despite, or perhaps because, I have been a post-university practitioner for more than 15 years, my head felt a desire to learn and a thirst for new knowledge. I also wanted to find out whether the knowledge and methods I used in technical and management still correspond to the state of the art. Equipped with the theoretical basic knowledge of Hans Ulrich's approach to system-oriented management as well as Knut Bleicher's conception of integrated, because holistic, corporate management, it was clear to me at an early stage that the SGBS was exactly the right challenge for determining one's position and increasing knowledge.

Now that I am writing these lines, I look back with enthusiasm on one of the most beautiful periods of learning and life. The time at and with the SGBS made you “rich” because in the course of your studies, in addition to the affirmative assessment of your position, an unbelievable wealth of new food for thought and new knowledge emerged. I owe this result to a study concept that is excellently thought out in terms of its structure and process. One chapter follows the next as if by itself. Case studies become an inspiring self-awareness. Seminars offer tools with which the decomposition of even the most complicated and complex economic contexts can be achieved with ease. The latter, in turn, is particularly attributable to the quality of the lecturers, who convince with brilliant didactics and outstanding, because practical, communication skills.

These factors alone lead to exceptional added value. A visit to the SGBS really leads to «FURTHER EDUCATION». The SGBS trains its students further. Lifelike, true to life. And absolutely suitable for immediate use in practice. My employer notices that every day. Thanks for that."