Experience is only about age

Biological age: test how old you are!

Are You As Young As You Feel?

We are getting older with every day, every minute and every second. But how old we are does not only depend on our date of birth. Our biological age is strongly influenced by our lifestyle. Use our age calculator to calculate how old you really are. The detailed explanation of your results then gives you specific tips on what you could do better in the future to outsmart your age.

Biological age: what is it anyway?

Some 50-year-olds are as fit as others at 30 - and conversely, there are young people whose physical condition is more like that of a much older person. The number of years of life is therefore not decisive when it comes to how old you really are.

Our body is constantly changing. The first signs of aging start around the age of 35. For some this is the case earlier and for others much later. The biological age of two 50-year-olds can therefore differ greatly from one another. In contrast to the biographical age is with thatbiological agerefers to the state of the body, which normally corresponds to a certain age.

What influences biological age?

A person's biological age is determined by various factors. On the one hand, this includes genetic influences. On the other hand, numerous environmental conditions influence how quickly someone ages. These include, for example

  • a healthy diet
  • sufficient exercise and sport
  • enough recovery phases through sleep and relaxation
  • no nicotine and moderate alcohol consumption
  • social integration through family and friends

So everyone can do a lot by themselves to influence their individual aging process and thus determine their biological age to a certain extent themselves!

Please note: This test only provides meaningful results about your biological age from an age of at least 20 years.