How much world travel have you done

Why take a trip around the world

When to start a trip around the world is one of the most difficult questions and it is precisely because of this that many fail. You've been in the job too long or too short, you're too young, too old, just moved, or aren't you? At some point later you will already be making the trip, now you want to have a career first, have children, build a house. There is no perfect time for a trip around the world. It's like having children. But if traveling around the world is really your dream, start planning today.

Allow yourself time for it, also for saving, but not too much, otherwise life will come between you and your journey. And even if you can start planning a world trip at any time, regardless of your life circumstances, there are some typical turning points in life that are particularly suitable. Between Abitur and apprenticeship / studies, in the semester break, on vacation semester, between apprenticeship / studies and work, between two jobs, on parental leave, as a sabbatical before the children go to school, when they retire.

But even if none of these events are pending, a trip around the world can be implemented at any time with a little creativity and courage. You just have to really want it and make it your top priority, then ways and means will be found.

On the following pages you will receive a lot of information and tips on how you too can make your world travel dream come true!