What makes men lose interest in women

7 reasons men lose interest

Why does he lose interest in me after a short time? Are you familiar with that?

You meet, get on really well, have a lot of fun together and with the sex it works too. Everything is perfect. Then suddenly he has no more time for you, doesn't call you back and makes himself scarce without an argument or anything else having happened. In short, he's no longer interested in you.

Maybe you're pissed off and blame him and the unreliable men in general. Or maybe you are devastated, you can no longer sleep for all that brooding and dissolve in self-pity and self-reproach.

Both behaviors are counterproductive. Better think about why it didn't work out. Especially if your relationships have petered out several times, it may be up to you. Maybe it's your own fault if he lets you sit down again. Here are some important reasons why men quickly lose interest in women.

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1. He's losing interest because you're clinging

It is totally understandable that you want to have as much contact with him as possible - be it in person or via WhatsApp. But if you always have time for him, waiting all the time for his call and jumping when he wants to see you, you should reconsider your behavior. Most men feel hemmed in when they realize that you are only planning your life around them. That doesn't mean that you should consciously let him fidget or artificially pamper you. It just means that you respect yourself and live your own life.

If you have a date with a friend, want to do sports or have to work, you should go through with this and not cancel, regardless of whether he is in the mood to see you.

2. You're too boring to him

If you have no real interests or nothing better to tell than the latest office trouble or gossip about any celebrity, he'll get bored with you quickly. Allow yourself to break the daily grind and gain new experiences. It could be a new hobby, a trip to the cinema, or something crazy like a skydive. That brings you new and real experiences and is definitely more entertaining than telling him the current entanglements with the Bachelor or GNTM.

3. You don't give him enough space

You don't give him enough space

Some women have a tendency to take their partner over and over again. You don't always have to do everything together, on the contrary. If your partner feels constrained in the relationship because you want to be there anytime, anywhere, they will lose interest in you very quickly. A well-functioning relationship depends on both having enough freedom. If he wants to hang out with his pals, you shouldn't insist on wanting to be around. You should also insist on your own freedom and do things alone or with your friends (see point 2).

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4. You have no self-esteem

Men like confident women who are not always looking for confirmation. Insecurity manifests itself in different behaviors. Women who constantly gossip about others, always want to hear how great they look, are overly jealous, or are constantly worried about the relationship clearly show that they are insecure. This is why they always need outside approval to feel good about themselves.

Once a man realizes that this trait applies to you, he will most likely soon lose interest in you. If you are convinced that you are great, you radiate it outwardly and the guy can't help but think you're great too.

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5. He's losing interest because you're bitchy

This point is also closely related to the previous one. Some women are so insecure that they act like the princess and the pea because they have an excessive need for attention. You may have read some popular tips from so-called dating coaches who offer advice on how to do it

  • In no case do not show him that you are interested in him
  • Flirt with other men around him
  • Wait at least until the x-date before he can kiss you
  • Let him fidget before you respond to his text
  • Give yourself aloof

This advice is totally wrong. There are few men who fall for such manipulative games. This tactic can backfire very quickly and most guys lose interest in such fake behavior very quickly.

6. You're too quick to have

Oddly enough, the surest way to lose a man is to give him what he wants. In every man there is still something of a hunter who feels the need to conquer women. If you are too quick to give him what he wants without hesitation, you are robbing him of the pleasure of conquest and appearing desperate and needy.

Therefore, you shouldn't give yourself to him immediately just because he wants to and say "no" when everything is going too fast for you. But that doesn't mean that you should act like a spoiled princess (see point 5). It just means that you value yourself and expect and demand that respect from your partner as well.

7. There was no spark between you

There was no spark between the two of you

You met a couple of times and everything was perfect for you. Are you sure he sees it the same way? He might like you, but not enough for a long-term relationship. It is well known that feelings cannot be forced. Sometimes men date women because they hope the spark will still jump and then back off when they realize it won't. This is not a bad thing, and it is not anyone's fault. It's just a sign that the chemistry between you guys isn't right.


Focus on your own exciting life and make sure that you have fun even without a man by your side. A self-confident woman who looks authentic, is aware of her own worth and therefore doesn't have to play games, looks incredibly attractive and interesting in the long term.

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