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Sports scholarships in the USA

Are you talented in sports and want to study in the USA? Then sports scholarships in the USA are an option for you. With a sports scholarship, you can finance your studies primarily through sports.

Sports scholarships do not provide for a payment of money, they provide one Fee waiver the following costs:

Reasons for Sports Scholarships in the United States

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From football to ice hockey to basketball, there are a number of sports that can be sponsored with an athletic scholarship in the United States.

Competitive sport in the USA is usually not organized in clubs or club leagues at the amateur level. Instead, it is based at American universities and colleges. That is why university sport in the USA has a completely different, namely more important, meaning than in Germany.

The most highly professional sports teams are the figureheads of the respective universities, well beyond city and state borders. Numerous spectators follow the league games and competitions. The professional leagues recruit their players or athletes directly from the college teams. That is why the coaches of the university teams have funds available to recruit not only local but also international athletes. Therefore, very good athletes from Germany with a high school diploma or university entrance qualification can also benefit from sports scholarships in the USA.

Requirements for an athletic scholarship in the USA

The basic requirements for receiving a sports scholarship at a university or college in the USA are based on the general study requirements and the requirements of the responsible gaming authority.

The academic requirements are:

  1. At least University entrance qualification, better High School
  2. A grade average of at least 4.0 (GPA Average at least 2.0). However, the individual requirements of the university, which are usually higher, must be taken into account here.
  3. TOEFL test result of at least 80 points, also individual requirements of the universities
  4. Letters of recommendation usually by two people
  5. Depending on the university, there may be additional application requirements

The athletic requirements to obtain the Eligibility (Eligibility to play) are:

  1. SAT test result with at least 820 points
  2. No previous professional sporting engagement
  3. A few more criteria from the NCAA and NAIA athlete licensing authorities

Sports sponsored with athletic scholarships

The following sports are in the USA recognized in college sports and can be sponsored with sports scholarships at universities. For all other sports, unfortunately, no sports scholarships can be awarded in the USA.

Sports for women

Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rifle *, Rowing, Rugby *, Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Squash *, Swimming, Syncronized Swimming *, Tennis, track & field, volleyball, water polo

Sports for men

Baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, rifle *, skiing, soccer, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball, water polo, wrestling

(* These sports are only offered by very few universities.)

Amount of US sports scholarships and how you will be reimbursed

The amount of sports scholarships in the US usually depends on the individual strength of the athlete. For example, if a tennis player is positioned higher in the team line-up due to his strength, he will receive a higher scholarship than a teammate in a lower position. (In tennis, the team is set up according to the strengths of the game.)

In addition, the amount of the sports scholarship depends on whether a sport is sponsored by both women and men. If the sport is only promoted for women across America, for example, more money is available for the coaches. In this way, more athletes can be promoted and usually with higher sums.

One is common for athletic scholarships in the USA 50-100% fee waiver all costs incurred for tuition fees, room and board. Exceptional athletes sometimes even receive additional money for books, flights and other items. However, this rarely happens.

A characteristic of sports scholarships in the USA is that the Scholarship amount over the years and with the strength of the athlete changed. Coach and player negotiate it every year. In the event of a sharp drop in performance, athletes must expect a reduction. Likewise, if they perform better, they can talk to the coach about increasing the scholarship. If a scholarship holder is injured while doing sports at the university, they will still receive their scholarship.

The following points can have a further (negative) influence on the amount of the scholarship:

  1. Academic achievement is below the minimum limit.
  2. A scholarship holder cheats on academic exams and is found out.

Both points can feel that the sports scholarship is being cut or that funding is being stopped altogether. In addition to the sporting role in the team of the university team, scholarship holders should also always do so exemplary students be.

Duration of funding through USA sports scholarships

Sports scholarships in the US will be for a maximum of 4 years paid. The duration is based on the length of study that is typically required for a bachelor's degree in the United States. The coaches are interested in recruiting athletes immediately after graduating from high school. In this way they can work with the athletes for as long as possible and increase their performance for the university team through intensive training.

Possible courses of study with a sports scholarship

A sports scholarship secures the financing of studies in the USA by the fact that the coach organizes a more or less high fee waiver for the athlete with the help of his budget. The athlete receives this for taking part in university sports competitions for his team and for improving himself as much as possible with a lot of training during the rest of the time in order to help the team achieve success.

The possible courses of study that sponsored athletes can take are the same that regular students can choose. So it suits them any study program open, whether business administration, medicine, physics or foreign languages ​​- even language courses are possible. To do this, they must meet the relevant admission requirements for the respective degree programs.

Organization of a sports scholarship in the USA

In principle, a sports scholarship in the USA only secures the financing of a (bachelor's) degree. Sport itself has nothing to do with studying. However, interested parties must find the appropriate Meet the requirements of the course in the same way as regular students.

You can get a sports scholarship in the USA including a player's permit through contact with US coaches and with a lot of persuasion. For this, interested parties have to deal with the complicated set of rules Eligibility (Playing permit) of the NCAA, NCAA II or NAIA player authorities, depending on the league in which the future university is playing.

Furthermore, in order to be able to take advantage of the scholarship at all, one must also be admitted to the course.

If you are interested in a sports scholarship in the US, you may know your sports colleagues who also studied in the US. Maybe you already know one or two coaches from sports events. That shouldn't hide how, however important it is, an agency (such as Sport-Scholarships.com) for the organization of a sports scholarship in the USA. This has the following reasons:

  1. Due to many years of experience, coaches in the USA are very careful with private applications from individual athletes, as no agency checks the academic and athletic performance before the application. As a rule, coaches have had bad experiences with private statements about athletic and academic achievements of potential applicants. An agency is a lot for the coaches more reassuring.
  2. Experienced agencies have a network of coaches. That way you can get a larger selection of scholarship offers receive.
  3. Agencies present their customers to the coaches in the best possible way and can therefore maximum sports scholarships knock out for customers.
  4. Lots of scholarship offers mean lots of different levels of scholarships - pick the best sports scholarship in the US or the best deal.
  5. Many scholarship offers also mean many universities with many courses of study - only then can you do it for yourself the ideal university in an academic sense Find.
  6. Agencies advise on the right academic choice of university.
  7. The academic application process is a fairly extensive bureaucratic process in which an agency provides support with many useful tips in addition to organizing the scholarship.
  8. The Agency checks the basic requirements for a license to play before starting the application process for this.
  9. Obtaining the license to play is a pretty good thing complicated process. Communication with the supreme supervisory authority is not that easy and many questions have to be answered (correctly).
  10. If the customer has not been found satisfactorily and is not able to cope on site, some agencies refer to another university again free of charge.
  11. Agencies are available with others Tips for studying in the USA available at any time before and after departure.
  12. The Agencies' price for mediation is many times over lower than the possible savings with independent organization. The reason for this lies in the mediation of the highest possible sports scholarship with a large number of scholarship offers.