Delivers postmates alcohol

Postmates deliver alcohol right to your door if you live in any of these 14 cities

You can come almost anything we've got these days and we mean mine everything: From fitness equipment to indispensable mothers, tasty Gwyneth Paltrow-approved meals, and even Olive Garden Grissini (OMG!), It's a good time Alive for the girl or boy with a schedule that is too worrisome.

Postmates, the on-demand delivery service that guarantees "goodies" from every restaurant and store in your town, around the clock, has been delivering groceries to your doorstep for some time, but they have some exciting news for those looking for libations. In time for all of those July 4th barbecues, the company expanded its liquor (aptly named DRINKS) shipments beyond California and Florida to five major cities in New York and Texas.

That means you can now get all of those cocktails recipe ingredients (we're talking ghosts, wines and beers) delivered right to your door with the push of a button!

When in Manhattan or Brooklyn, not only can you order all of your favorite wines and spirits, but you can feel good having them "from local wine vendors and liquor stores". Meanwhile, anyone in Austin, Dallas or Houston can bring all of their favorite beers right onto the porch. Even better? The unique alcohol-on-demand service promises to have your drink orders in 25 minutes or less to put in your hands.

Since launching in San Francisco and Los Angeles earlier this year, DRINKS has been a huge hit with both customers (duh!) And local businesses. As Shervin Lalezari, owner of Terner's Liquor Store in Los Angeles, told Postmates, "the service" has fueled a livelier community while helping small and local businesses grow at the same time. "Amazing!

The five new additions bring DRINKS up to 14 “city total, with San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, Miami, Palm Springs, SF East and South Bay Sacramento already served.

We'll drink to it!

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