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Justin Bieber: is the crash threatened in 2014?

Justin Bieber currently seems to be slipping into a quagmire of scandals and drugs. There is even a threat of deportation from the USA. A review. | (dr / spot) Don't rememberMark0 Comments Recommend article
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los Angeles - Bad news follows bad news. The year 2014 is not yet four weeks old, but Justin Bieber (19, "Believe") made so many headlines in this short time that other stars turn green with envy. The problem with that? Almost all of them are cause for concern. At first, the year even got off to a positive start for the Canadian. The big reunion with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (21, "Stars Dance") on the first days of the year surprised the fans. But since then things have been going down rapidly for the teenage bully: Eggs have been thrown, house searches and drug finds have followed. An overview.

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It was a romantic start to the new year. Justin Bieber and his on-off relationship Selena Gomez reconciled after a long back and forth shortly after the New Year. The singer posted a picture of himself and Gomez on his official Instagram profile in intimate togetherness. Bieber's lyrical contribution to the snapshot: "I love the way you look at me." But so far that should be the only real positive news of the year.

On January 7th, it was announced that the teen phenomenon’s latest film, Justin Bieber: Believe, flopped at the US box office bombastically. In the first two weeks after its start, the film grossed the equivalent of only four million euros. For comparison: his predecessor film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" flushed an incredible 53.6 million euros into the coffers in the same period. A career kink that apparently made the previous high-flyer to create.

In order to forget this bad news, Bieber first went on a camping holiday together with his girlfriend. The pop star borrowed a two-million-euro motorhome from his buddy Chris Brown and spent a few days relaxing with Gomez and some bodyguards on the beach in Santa Cruz in California. The calm before the storm?

A few days after his return, Bieber apparently blew the fuses: the scandalous noodle is said to have hurled a total of 20 eggs against the front of the neighboring house from his balcony. Property damage: almost 15,000 euros. Due to the amount of damage, the public prosecutor no longer treated the case as an administrative offense, but as a criminal offense. He is now even threatened with vandalism charges.

On January 14th, four days after the egg attack, Bieber felt the full force of the American government for the first time. Several police vehicles pulled up in front of his property early in the morning to conduct a thorough house search. The officials promised to discover evidence of the egg attack. Surveillance cameras were also confiscated, as was the singer's cell phone.

But the police not only found things directly related to the egg-throwing: A friend of Bieber's, rapper Lil Za, was arrested by the police after they found ecstasy on him. The evidence of Bieber's heavy drug use also increased thanks to the search. In addition to nude pictures, the investigators are said to have found evidence of contacts in the drug scene on Bieber's cell phone. The officers also seized two large cookie jars of cannabis. One discovery, however, causes the greatest concern: Justin Bieber is said to be heavily codeine-dependent.

The officers found several empty bottles of prescription cough syrup containing a high dose of codeine. As reported by the US gossip portal "", family members are said to have already confirmed the addiction. At the moment, his closest circle is supposed to be trying to convince him to go into rehab. Bieber is said to consume up to 300 grams of codeine mixed with lemonade and sweets every day and obtain the drug illegally from abroad.

The fans of the pop star are justifiably worried about the pop star and are eagerly waiting for good news about Justin Bieber. So far, the public prosecutor has not officially commented on the drug rumors or the exact charges in the case of the egg-throwing. In any case, the singer faces a heavy fine and possibly even the withdrawal of his residence permit for the USA. In this case, Bieber would have to immediately abandon his tent in California and return to his native Canada. The headlines around Justin Bieber will also determine the global gossip gazettes in the second month of 2014. It remains exciting.

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