What are the best attractions in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh - a city full of attractions

The romantics and the connoisseurs of scenic beauties avoided “Steel City” for a long time. Pittsburgh was not on their map because it was the city of the steel industry and iron benders. But that has changed fundamentally. Also because some blast furnaces disappeared and the tourists became more and more interested in the history and the idyllic landscape of this metropolis of Pennsylvania. And also for traces of the city's history and for the numerous attractions that Pittsburgh has to offer. Photo: Rivers of Steel Tour

Pittsburgh has many faces and almost each of the ninety neighborhoods has a very special charm. All are authentic and have retained their history-influenced character. Settlers from many nations settled here in western Pennsylvania, which can still be seen from the city's ethnic diversity.

Waterways - Pittsburgh's lifeline

Pittsburgh lies on the banks of two rivers, the Monongahela River and the Allegheny River. Both then form the great Ohio River (photo), which for generations was the most important transport route for the local heavy industry. This is a city that lives on and with the water, so the first thing you should do as a guest is to get on a boat and explore Pittsburgh from the water. In hardly any other metropolis in the United States is the skyline so picturesquely reflected in the water as in this city in the Appalachian Valley. The fact that Pittsburgh was nicknamed the “City of Bridges” in the USA will be understood by anyone who looks at it from the water. After all, they claim to have counted 445 bridges - that is more than Venice has to offer.

The company in Pittsburgh is presenting an unusual mode of transport "Just Duck Tours". Strange-looking buses not only take you through the streets and boulevards of the city, because in the rivers the “duck” is transformed into an amphibious vehicle.

Also the "Gateway Clipper Fleet”(Photo) offers one hour sightseeing boat tours. And if you want to combine your mini-cruise with a tasty lunch or dinner on the Monongahela River, you should go to the pier in front of the Sheraton Hotel and book a two-hour lunch cruise or a three-hour dinner cruise with “Gateway Clipper Fleet” .

Shop and feast in Station Square

Quite a few vacationers come to Pittsburgh to shop in the pedestrian zones on the banks of the rivers, because the city also enjoys the reputation of a high quality of life. This is reflected in the offer in the countless shopping malls. For example in Station Square, a more than twenty hectare complex of shops and restaurants. Here you can choose between shopping and feasting. In the 19th century this was a huge station building for the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Company. It was converted and now houses a gigantic shopping center under the ancient vaults.

To reach the largest outlet in the region, you have to go to Grove City Premium Outlet take a one-hour drive by car.

Mount Washington by cog railway

The most beautiful all-round view of the city and the natural beauty of the surrounding area is undoubtedly offered by Mount Washington. In the "Duquesne Incline“(Photo) two cogwheel trains carry their passengers up the mountain, which is more of a hill. The journey is leisurely over exactly 194 meters. This is part of the historic region of Pittsburgh, where miners used to be transported in wagons.

On the Mount Washington Some very good restaurants have established themselves, and if you feel the urge to exercise after your meal, you should go to the Emerald View Park go on one of the four loops. The routes have different lengths, ranging from 1.5 kilometers to 3.2 kilometers. "Greenleaf - The George and Guy Hikes" is the longest at 4 kilometers. The park's forests are the habitat of numerous species of birds.

Further attractions and activities in the "Golden Triangle"

American football is the big hit in the USA, and with the "Steelers“There is a successful team in the NFL professional league in Pittsburgh. A visit to the home games at the “Heinz Field” stadium can be a highlight in Pittsburgh. Also the "Penguins“Belong to the national elite in the National Hockey League. An ice hockey game of the "penguins" can be planned during a stay.

Pittsburgh is one active city with residents who enjoy physical activity. “Golden Triangle” is what they call their city, and it is with one bicycle very good to explore. Also by Segway the most interesting points of the metropolis are easy to drive to. And those who dare to go on the rivers will be at Kayaking gain special impressions.

As the icon of Pop Art Andy Warhol was born in this city, a museum worth seeing has been set up for him there. Other attractions in this exceptionally interesting city is the "Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium", Which is very popular with families and the"National Aviary“With its 200 species of birds.

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