The original Aryans were black

Third Reich Lebensborn: Sex for leaders, people and fatherland

It was one of the delusional ideas of the National Socialists: one wanted to produce an Aryan race through breeding. SS chief Heinrich Himmler was particularly obsessed with it. On December 12, 1935, he founded Lebensborn eV in Berlin with the goal: "To accommodate and care for expectant mothers with racial and hereditary biology who, after careful examination of their own family and the family of the producer [...], can be assumed to be equally valuable Children are born, to care for these children, to care for the mothers of the children ", as it says in the statute.

Baptized with the SS dagger

The first Lebensborn home was opened on August 15, 1936 in Steinhöring in Upper Bavaria. More should follow, everywhere in Germany. They were well-equipped maternity and nursing homes. Such homes were also set up in Austria and later in occupied Norway, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Here German women should give the "Führer" Adolf Hitler "Aryan" offspring in large numbers. Especially unmarried women who were pregnant by an "Aryan" man were able to give birth to their children in these homes and care for them in the first months after the birth. High-ranking officials deported their pregnant lovers to these homes without their wives noticing. A separate registry and registration office guaranteed that the birth was kept secret. Because an illegitimate birth was considered a disgrace at the time. In addition, Himmler promised that National Socialist guardians would be found for all "legitimate and illegitimate children of good blood whose fathers died in the war".

The Lebensborn homes were remote and strictly shielded from the public due to the stigma of illegitimate birth. This is one of the reasons why rumors arose about lavish sex orgies, in which sturdy SS men could give free rein to their lust. Because the residents of these homes constantly saw pregnant women and uniformed men going in and out.

11,000 babies were born in German and Austrian Lebensborn homes. There was a special "baptism ritual": a silver SS dagger was placed on the body of the newborn as a sign that from now on they belong to the "Aryan" community. Often the children were given up for adoption and, above all, placed in strict National Socialist families.

Nazis as child robbers

These children were brutally torn from their families and taken to Lebensborn homes in Germany and Austria against their parents' wishes. There they were "Germanized": Kostja became Konstantin, Barbara Bärbel and Roman Herrmann. The children were examined again and again, according to the distance between the eyes, the width of the nose and the shape of the skull. If the children used their native language, for example spoke Polish, they were punished and beaten. The original identity should be erased. That is why the birthplaces and dates of the children in the Lebensborn homes were forged and the old documents destroyed.