Why are people listening

Listening - a plea for listening


I deal a lot with dolphins and whales and so also with the fact that they live in a world of sounds. They are not as visually shaped as we are, their terrain is clearly the métier of hearing. With the dolphins, we are dealing with a completely different quality of hearing. They don't just hear in their immediate surroundings. You will also hear the conversations of the dolphins in their vicinity. Their hearing is really highly developed and they operate in the frequency range of around 100 Hz to 200 kHz - humans in the range of around 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Even when swimming with dolphins, their sonar waves penetrate our entire body and resonate with these waves.

What makes it possible for them, among other things, to record the conversations of the other dolphins, is the following anatomical peculiarity: Individual bones in the ear canal can vibrate independently of the rest of the skull bones, which is a distinctive feature Directional hearing allows under water. The auricle has receded and the external auditory canal is almost completely closed. You also hear through the skin and special fat channels in the lower jaw.

What an idea to hear all the conversations in the area!


We probably only hear with our ears, but we certainly perceive with ours whole Body. More on that another time.

After the dolphin excursion back to us humans and not being able to listen to the topic. I often notice it about myself! Sometimes I'm too impatient, sometimes the inner dialogue begins in me before the other person has even started to speak ... inwardly sighing and rolling his eyes: "Oh dear, not the same story again ... the trivialities ..."

Sometimes I don't have the physical capacity to open up and listen to someone. A clear sign for me that I have to look after my own resources.

Even if a friend has me her several times Momo calls, it does not satisfy me if I am not in a position to be able to listen attentively and appropriately to someone who means something to me. And isn't it disrespectful to think I know what's coming?

Admittedly, that takes two - including the opposite. Because a being who truly shares what is happening to him or her sensitizes our antennae and interests much more than someone who just wants to bring a story to the man or woman. Or want to make it clear to me how great he or she is, of course is right or the circumstances are to blame for his / her situation.

By the way Momo is the title and protagonist in Michael Ende's novel of the same name. Momo can listen in such a way that whoever she listens to, answers to unformulated questions come by itself and a kind of empowerment happens ... Below is an excerpt from the novel.

When I realized how little we listen to each other a few years ago as part of my coaching training, I was really blown away to see what a widespread phenomenon the inability to listen is.

The most healing encounters with teachers and companions on my inner journey were and are those where someone could listen without judgment, present and loving.

Ingredients for good listening from my point of view: Presence, being in contact with your own body, benevolence, taking back yourself for the time, listening

Let's practice listening and train our attention. According to my perception, we can give each other so richly gifted with healing encounters of mutual listening ... and seeing / recognizing the other, which follows automatically.

Perhaps you also perceive a few nuances that you have not heard or noticed before? You can learn something by listening, says the Dalai Lama.

Every being and his / her life story is so unique - such a miracle.

Of course, it is also worth listening in nature, listening inwardly or in the silence.

Susanne S. Braack


“What little Momo could do like no other, that was itTo listen.

This is nothing special, some readers will say, everyone can listen.
But this is a mistake. Very few people can really listen. And the way Momo knew how to listen, it was completely unique.

Momo was so listening that stupid people suddenly had very clever thoughts. Not because she said something or asked what gave the other person such thoughts - no, she just sat there and just listened, with all the attention and all the sympathy.

As she did so, she looked at the other person with her large, dark eyes, and the person in question felt how thoughts suddenly arise in him that he had never suspected were inside him.

She could listen in such a way that perplexed, indecisive people suddenly knew exactly what they wanted.

Or that shy people suddenly felt free and courageous.

Or that the unhappy and depressed became confident and happy.

And if someone thought his life was utterly wrong and meaningless and he himself was just one of the millions, one who didn't matter at all, and that he could be replaced as quickly as a broken pot - and he went and told all of it to him little Momo, then, while he was talking, he realized in a mysterious way that he was completely wrong, that he, just like him, existed only once among all people and that he was therefore in his special way for the World was important.

So Momo could listen! "