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How to Remove PhonePe Transaction History 2020

Clear PhonePe transaction history: This is a comprehensive guide on how to permanently clear Phonepe's transaction history in 2020.

So if you are looking for how to clear your transaction history on Phone Pe app, you will love this guide.

Sounds good? Let us begin.

What is PhonePe?

Phonepe is a UPI-based mobile payment platform that allows you to send or receive money directly to a bank account without commission, even if your contact is not registered with PhonePe.

It also offers the opportunity to win the scratch card for a qualified transaction. If you win the rewards through the scratch card, it will go straight to your wallet.

You can use your wallet balance to top up your prepaid cell phone number, data card, DTH, pay an electricity bill, a gas bill, book a plane ticket, a train ticket and much more.

PhonePe is a secure application that is available 24/7 and can also be used on holidays and weekends.

For added security, it also provides MPIN functionality to complete the transaction that users need to enter this MPIN.

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Every time you transact with PhonePe to transfer money, buy a mutual fund, or pay your credit card bill, it will automatically appear on the transaction history page.

However, for some reason, most of the users want to clear and clear their phone call transaction history.

Unfortunately, PhonePe does not provide a direct option to remove the details of the transaction. However, you can still delete your PhonePe transaction history by contacting the support team.

So you can:

How to clear PhonePe's transaction history

  • First, log into the PhonePe app from an Android or iPhone device.
  • Select the Available History option in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Here you can see the list of transactions that you have made from the beginning.
  • Now select the transaction that you want to hide or remove from the list.
  • Here you can find an option like Contact PhonePe Support. Just tap on it.
  • You should see a message like "Hi Sir, I want to hide this transaction for some personal reason." Write. Send a message to create a new ticket for your request.
  • After sending a message, the PhonePe support team will contact you regarding your confirmation request.
  • If all goes well, the specific transaction will be hidden from the history page.

    Conclusion: Hence, there was a complete guide on how to permanently delete PhonePe account. As shown in the previous guide, there is no direct option to delete the transaction. You need to contact the support team and wait for a response.

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