How can I learn 3D modeling right away?

Tinkercad. The 3D project planning

Every year, specialists in the field of 3D modeling are in increasing demand. Three-dimensional models are widely used in animation, cinema, computer games, design, architecture, science, and technology. Systems of the automated designing are used for development of models. These programs are quite difficult to master.

How do you learn a child to create 3D models?

The Tinkercad three-dimensional modeling environment is a good solution for teaching children. As part of the course, the child can quickly acquire the basic knowledge of creating 3D models and 3D printing. With the basic knowledge you have acquired, you can independently create 3D models and develop yourself in the field of 3D modeling.

At the KIBERone school, children can take a course in 3D modeling and 3D printing in the Tinkercad environment, which is a light version of the 123D Design modeling program. The module is suitable for both beginners and children who already have experience of working in the 3D editors. Even at the age of 6, a child can master this course because the process of creating the 3D models is controlled with the mouse and the working principle is based on an analogy with children's toys - simple geometric figures are grouped and connected to each other.

The specifics of teaching from 3D modeling in Tinkercad

In our IT school, the children learn one of the cheapest in the “Tinkercad” course Online services for 3D modeling know and acquire basic design skills. The best thing for users is that the result of working in this cloud-based environment is immediately visible.

The beginners will Developing, projecting and realizing the objects in various forms. Advanced users will learn how to edit the code of the grid that describes the surface of the object, load their own objects created in the other programs for 3D solid-state modeling, edit the stock models and also really complex figures from the simple ones Assemble 3D objects.

Leaders from large IT companies teach your child 3D modeling in Tinkercad. With our tutors, lessons are always exciting. They will be happy to share their experience and knowledge with the children and provide useful tips for them working on the projects put in tinkercad. Thanks to them, the modeling process, which requires attention, patience and perseverance from the children, is a creative and exciting game.

The module program “Tinkercad. The 3D-Project planning ”comprises the theoretical part (20% of the hour) and the implementation of knowledge in practice (80%).

In class, the children will:

  • Learn more about the advantages and special features of Tinkercad as well as all menus, tools and functions;
  • master the user interface, navigation, settings, hotkeys;
  • get to know the method of creating 3D objects;
  • work with the objects and change their position, size and color;
    • edit ready-made figures from the library and create your own designs;
    • learn how to export and import objects and convert 2D images to 3D;
    • learn to test the projects and send the models to be printed on a 3D printer;
    • save the finished projects on the server and on the hard drive as OBJ and STL files;
    • work in a group and create a joint project.

At the end of the course, each child can develop a design of a complex object as a whole and in detail, learn to model original 3D products, including toys, souvenirs, jewelry, a decor or objects for Minecraft. This module is the first step on the student's path into the exciting world of automated configuration.