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Translate marriage certificate: what should be considered?

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Who translates marriage certificates?

The translation of the marriage certificate is possible with one Translation agency.

What does the translation of a marriage certificate cost?

Depending on language and scope the cost of the translation may vary. More information can be found here.

Can I translate my marriage certificate myself?

No, such versions are generally not accepted by the German authorities. Instead, for example for an adoption, a certified translation demands.

Do you have this Bond for life in the foreign countries closed, it may be that the German legislator the Doesn't automatically recognize marriage. Therefore, under certain circumstances, the foreign Marriage certificate to be presented. So that the authorities listed in it information but also comprehend it may be necessary to use the Have your marriage certificate translated.

When is a translated marriage certificate required?

The Marriage or marriage certificate is one of the so-called - just like the birth and death certificates Civil status documents. The document provides information on who married whom, when and where. Would you like such a certificate in one other country as the one who issued it, it is usually necessary to use the To have the marriage certificate translated.

The Authorities for various reasons the template a translated marriage certificate desire. A few Examples we have listed below:

  • Recognition of a marriage concluded abroad
  • Adoption abroad
  • Divorce abroad
  • Applying for a new citizenship
  • Naturalization in Germany

In addition, it can also be used for Inheritance matters be required to translate a marriage certificate. This applies, for example, if the testator above Accounts abroad disposes. In such a case, it is best to find out more from the relevant staff Institutions, Which Documents required become.

Important! So that the German authorities the Translation of the marriage certificate accept, this usually has to be carried out by a sworn translator and certified become. This guarantees that the Translation correct and complete is.

What can the translation of a marriage certificate cost?

Assign one to have your marriage certificate translated Translation agency, their service goes with costs hand in hand. How high these turn out can be, however do not give a blanket termas it is about this no legal requirements gives. Therefore, it can be useful to compare different providers and Cost estimates to catch up.

An important factorwho is also involved in the translation of a marriage certificate to the costs affects is the language. So are less common languages usually associated with higher expenses. Because of this, it can generally be more expensive to get one translate turkish marriage certificate to let as an English or French. If you want to have a marriage certificate translated, the costs can be average 30 to 110 euros per page be.

Please also note that translation agencies operating across Germany often Shipping incurred for the translation. Whether this or that fees for certification already in offer should be clarified in advance.

By the way! Need to translate a marriage certificate that is on Arabic, Cyrillic or another language that is not based on the Latin characters, the German authorities require a Translation according to ISO standard. That means the respective characters transferred to the Latin alphabet Need to become.

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Translate marriage certificate: what should be considered?
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