What makes a woman radiate sensuality

6 tips for irresistible sex appeal

Some women naturally have a sex appeal that makes them seem absolutely seductive. But how do you actually do it? And what can we learn from it? We'll tell you six tips on how to look sexy and irresistible in no time.

One thinks of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren, who advanced to include a sex symbol. Even over the flickering of a screen, they radiate a sensuality to this day that leaves men speechless. We women naturally ask ourselves: What can we do to achieve an equally seductive charisma?

Seduction is an art that can certainly be learned. You don't have to become a male-murdering femme fatale right away; often it's all about getting rid of the eternal buddy role or the "cute" image that sticks to you like superglue. For men, this is more disgusting than attractive and causes us quite a bit of frustration. Especially when we really like a man, we want to cast a spell over him. This is exactly what you can subtly give a helping hand with six unbeatable tips.

Being sexy is also possible without a lot of bare skin

Far from the five tips that we actually want to give you, let me first say: a provocative outfit is not necessary for a sensual charisma with a lot of sex appeal. Of course, deep necklines, tight skirts and high heels help make us look visually sexy. But that only applies if the clothes fit properly, we don't wobble on the shoes and we generally feel comfortable in the tight look. If none of that is the case, then the shot is guaranteed to backfire. You can play a seductive game when flirting in a bar or on a romantic date with completely different factors. Clothing also plays a role, but in a different form than you might think now.

Five tips for more sex appeal

  • 1. Keep eye contact:Looks say louder than words. And when they are also deep and last a comparatively long time, then they have a truly electrifying effect. Those who are shy, on the other hand, cannot withstand intense looks for long, which radiates insecurity that is definitely not sexy. So calmly focus on your object of desire and convey to it with a seductive look that you want it.
  • 2. Speak clearly:Mumbling, whispering and stuttering radiate just as little sex appeal as a quickly averted look. Even when you are excited, you should try to control your voice. How it works? First, collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and then speak in a firm, loud voice. Warning: Shouting is just as counterproductive, it's better to find something mediocre. Incidentally, that doesn't only look sexy, but also particularly self-confident.
  • 3. Don't forget to laugh:Those who take themselves too seriously don't look sexy either, they just look tight. If you get tangled up on your date or accidentally spill your coffee, don't turn it into a drama, but use the faux pas for a hearty laugh. Men find that pretty sexy - just like a little clumsy guy.
  • 4. Leave the hair open:Yes, admittedly, there has to be a bit of cliché. Men love open, long manes and you can use that for an extra dose of sex appeal. A fluffy out-of-bed look is much more seductive than a tightly knotted bun.
  • 5. Rely on signal colors:Sweet flower prints or bright comic patterns look cute, maybe even childish. If you want to radiate adult femininity, then opt for a look in a muted color such as black, royal blue or, with a sexy touch, a deep burgundy red. You can also wear this color on your lips. Make sure that the lipstick is kissproof, because you never know ...
  • 6.Wearing exciting lingerie:Wear sexy lingerie to your meeting. It doesn't have to be intended for his eyes, just for you and your self-confidence. Because whoever wears exciting lingerie feels much more sensual and automatically exudes sex appeal.

Hot, hotter you! If you want to seduce your loved one with sex appeal, you don't have to throw yourself into a tight outfit. It is enough to play subtly with its charms and rely on a natural, self-confident appearance. After all, nothing is more irresistible!

Image sources: iStock / Tverdohlib, iStock / sakkmesterke