How do I become a business process consultant


Business processes - your company's fingerprint

Information flows in companies between the individual organizational units, using available resources and tools with the aim of providing customers with the desired products or services.

The ERP professionals support you with target-oriented advice on your company activities, to successfully optimize processes in your company and to automate processes. For more than 15 years we have been helping our customers to increase their profitability and process efficiency by optimizing their business processes and IT landscape, to improve the quality of business processes and to reduce process costs where it makes sense and possible.

Long-term - deep process understanding

We not only integrate systems, but also people from process design to process execution and process controlling.

Understand processes - make decisions - your advantages

  • Process orientation creates transparency in your company
  • Process orientation creates a solid and clear working basis for decisions.
  • Increasing productivity and lowering costs is not possible without optimizing business processes.
  • Not the software itself, but only the benefits in the processes lead to a return flow of capital in the company.
  • With our knowledge, we create specialist concepts that are realizable and economically viable.

Our services:

  • Implementation of a cross-company business process culture and business process management strategy
  • Analysis and conception of the existing processes and systems
  • Methodical redesign of organization and processes with existing and planned IT systems based on graphical representation of processes
  • Process implementation: Change of process flows, reorganization of the organizational structure, definition and qualification of process owners, perfection of IT support and other aids
  • Training / qualification of internal employees on the subject of business process optimization
  • Support in optimizing IT along the processes (different ERP systems)
  • Automation of business processes that cannot be mapped by an ERP system (integration of different specialist applications such as ERP connection to web shop, ERP - CAQ, ERP - mail system, ERP - fax system, ERP - BDE system, ERP - EDI applications, ERP - digital Personnel file ... etc.)

Together with our customers, we develop process models for all or selected business and main processes, with full concentration on the detailed processes that are critical to success and business. Existing process documentation (e.g. from ISO projects) is consistently reused provided that it already corresponds to an optimal picture of the business processes.