Why do people get stupid and materialistic

Only stupid people care about design

Philippe Starck turns 65
Paris (dpa) - From toilet brushes to high-speed aircraft: Philippe Starck's creative urge knows no bounds. After baby bottles, toothbrushes, teapots, lemon squeezers, glass chairs and bus stops, the French star designer, who turns 65 this Saturday (January 18), is relying on ecology and reaching for the stars. After his bright yellow hybrid bike and the electric car made of aluminum and rattan, he is working on a solar boat in his studio. One of his journeys will soon also go into space.

His work is barely manageable. The interiors of restaurants, cafés and hotels that he decorates are legion. Even France's ex-President François Mitterrand had him design his private rooms in the Elysée Palace in 1982. And the everyday objects he creates flood the market. Starck designs for the crowd. “When I started designing, design was a sport for the rich to produce expensive objects in limited editions. That annoyed me. Elitism is vulgar. Good ideas have to be spread, ”he said in a video interview. He gave this philosophy the name "democratic design".

Starck does not have a set style. In the eyes of many critics, his colorful product mix is ​​the result of a certain arbitrariness. The Paris-born man can live with that: “Design is the only way to communicate, I can't do anything else, and it's easy for me to communicate that way. But this position also needs to be reconsidered. "

The design master likes to talk a lot. In doing so, he says the opposite of what he does or what is expected of him. For one of the most famous product designers of today, the medium of design is useless and uninteresting. "You have to be stupid to be interested in the medium of design," he explained in the video interview. It was not he who decided on the design, but the design for him. Smart people choose, stupid people like him just endure things.

Starck was not so completely uninvolved in his fate. He studied at the Paris School of Design Ecole Nissim de Camondo, won a furniture competition at the age of 16 and founded his own company three years later. Constructing and designing, that was already done by his father, who was an inventor and aircraft engineer.

Starck wanted to put an end to his fate as a product designer back in 2001. "I will only develop concepts, no more products, materialism is dead. But first I have to do jobs that I have accepted." His order book seems to be full. In the meantime he has decorated the rooms of the “Mama-Shelter” hotel chain in Paris, Lyon and Istanbul with Venetian carnival and “Star Wars” masks and designed a luxury yacht for the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Starck wants to fly into space soon - in an airplane he designed for the head of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

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