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Arctic climate

The climate of the Arctic is polar embossed. On the one hand it is marked by long and very cold polar winters. During this time it remains dark, the sun does not rise above the horizon for weeks, the ground remains frozen to a great depth.

However, there is also a less cold season in the Arctic: the Foggy and still cool polar summer. Now the sun doesn't set anymore and sometimes shines 24 hours a day. Since the sun is not high and the angle of incidence of its rays is only flat, it can only thaw the ground superficially even in the arctic summer

In the Arctic, the temperature differences are large over the course of the year, ranging from 0 ° C in summer to -35 ° C in winter. In general it can be said that it gets colder and colder towards the north. Almost the entire central part of the Arctic is covered in snow and ice throughout the year while in the southern areas Thaw larger areas of snow and ice in summer. During the day in July, average maximum temperatures of around 10 ° C can be reached here and it is slower Transition from polar to tundra climate with warmer summers.

The regional climate in the Arctic is greatly varied by influences warm and cold ocean currents. For example, the Hudson Bay in Canada frozen over about half of the year, while the port of Hammerfest in Norway, through the influence of the warm Gulf Stream all year round remains ice-free.

Basically, it can be said that the sea, which occupies a large part of the Arctic area, decreases the climate. More extreme temperatures are reached outside the Arctic, for example the cold pole of the northern hemisphere is in eastSiberiaOn the other hand, Greenland's high ice sheet also means that very low temperatures can occur far to the south of the Arctic Circle.

In the Arctic just fall very little rainfall and can be used as desert to be viewed as. Only 100 - 500 mm of snow or rain fall per year. The reason is the cold air in the Arctic, it can only absorb a little moisture. Are characteristic of the Arctic low clouds and especially near the coast frequent fog.


Weather Arctic

Weather on the Russian archipelago Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Ocean

Weather in the Arctic: The temperatures and precipitation for Franz-Josef-Land in the Arctic come from the website and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecast is updated four times a day.


Best time to travel to the Arctic

The best time to travel to the Arctic is during the warmest months July and August. Only during this time does the pack ice dissolve, which prevents access to large parts of the Arctic for the rest of the year. 'In the arctic summer, the bounding pack ice border is furthest to the north. At this time you can also do particularly well observe animals, now many migratory birds breed and the seals have also given birth to their young.

But the best time to travel to the Arctic is over by mid-September; the arctic weather is becoming more volatile, the pack ice is moving south again and it is getting significantly colder.

However, the regional ones should be noted different warm ocean currentsthat in many regions for strong regional deviations worry about these rules.

For example in Greenland: when traveling, a distinction must be made between the west and the east of the largest island in the world. During the West Greenland mostly throughout Ice-free in summer and can therefore be navigated largely without problems even by cruise ships that are not specially equipped, are the eastern bays only in late summer reachable. Only then did the pack ice belt retreat far enough from the coast. It can happen earlier in the season that the entrance to a bay is not blocked by ice, but it is always possible that an unfavorable wind makes the exit impassable within a few hours.

Here you will find more detailed information on weather, climate and the best travel time in the Arctic as well as on the climate and the best travel time on Svalbard (Norway).


Climate table Arctic

Climate in the Arctic: Svalbard (Norway)

Arctic climate: Franz Josef Land (Russia)

Climate Arctic: Thule, North Greenland

Climate in the Arctic: Alert in Northern Canada

Arctic climate: Barrow in northern Alaska

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