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She even has one American accent.
(American accent) Put your cocktail down or I'll break your bones.
(American accent) Put the cocktail down, son, or you'll be picking up your teeth with a broken arm.
Not to mention yours american accent sounds terrible.
Well I have to say yours American accent it really works.
I've probably got too close to the American accent used.
The american accent kill me
And your american accent is not at all convincing.
I have to admit you american accent rarely flashes.
Through their American accent our options are limited.
Your american accent kills me.
Does one of the voices have one American accent?
Is rock n roll more suitable for that American accent?
By the day she died, she had one American accent!
At least I think they do that with one American accent said.
Some advertisers believe that is obvious American accents and the cultural content adds appeal to youth demographic of their market.
Some advertisers feel that the overtly American accents and cultural content adds appeal to the youth demographic of their market.
Should children speak English with an English or American accent learn to speak?
Should children be learning to speak English with an English or American accent?
Because like the Australians, the New Zealanders speak an English that is like a nice mixture of the British and American accent sounds.
Just like the Australians, New Zealanders also speak English with an accent that resembles a beautiful blend of British and American.
Monsieur Ling spoke to one American accent, Yes?
Is that your best american accent?
But I don't have a native speaker vocabulary, and mine American accent I can't get rid of either.
But I don't have the vocabulary of a native, and I can't shake my American accent.
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