How can a man show sexual interest

Body language man: this is how he shows sexual interest

Getting to know each other for the first time

How does a man show serious sexual interest through body language - this is the question many women have asked themselves. You have been dating a really great man for some time, but you don't know whether he is really interested in you? Sometimes men behave strangely and give characters that are difficult to interpret. However, with the help of tips and tricks you can quickly find out whether he is really serious about you.

How do men show sexual interest?

Often it's not even the things we say that prove to you women that we mean business. Often it is the unconscious singals that show that a man is more interested in you than he would like to admit. It is definitely important for you to listen to your heart and pay close attention to verbal signs. It doesn't always have to be your gifts or hours of phone calls with which a man wants to inspire you.

So that you don't waste your valuable time with someone who doesn't mean it after all, here are a few helpful tips.

Tip # 1: Listening is

He is attentive. A genuinely interested man is always attentive. Attention is not only evident on the first date, but also as you get to know each other. Does he bring you your favorite flowers? Does he ask how your exam was last week? Every situation where you think "oh, did he remember that?" is an extremely good signal. When he spends time with you and doesn't care about his cell phone or the football game in the evening? Perfect!

Your counterpart also shows genuine interest when he responds to what the other person says. Do you talk about your new apartment and he asks you what color you painted the living room? Then you are on a very good path. Particularly attentive listeners directly process what they have just heard and can constructively build on it.

Tip # 2: Show interest through body signals

How do men show interest? Through non-verbal singals. Nonverbal communication is a great indicator of whether a man is genuinely interested in you. If you ask a body language expert about this, he will be able to describe very clear signs to you. But through which body language does a man show sexual interest?

Character 1: Deep looks! Keeping your gaze during the conversation is the most important thing in flirting. This is how we show the other person that we are not bored and that we like to listen to them. Is he looking at me? Or does he keep looking the other way? Is it practically sticking to my lips? These are all questions you can ask yourself during the conversation.

Sign 2: Straight posture. Women mostly like tall and strong men. This is evolutionary and is a sign of security. Even if guys don't have to be Adonis today, many still want to feel that way. A man who shows genuine interest in you will symbolize this with a tight posture. Therefore, make sure you sit tightly and upright with your chest stretched out. Body language is a very clear signal!

Sign 3: The all-rounder - our smile! Anyone who has a lot to laugh about on their first date and smiles all the time is on an excellent basis. But watch his laughter come out. Does it seem honest and appropriate to the situation? Or is it just a pretense to fool you?

“Accidental” touches in the club

Character 4: Accidental touches. Men try to reveal their sexual interest again and again by randomly touching them. Do you two happen to grab your popcorn tea at the same time on the date in the cinema? Does he brush a strand of hair back from your face or run over your shoulder during the joke? This man wants to be close to you!

Especially with lazy writing guys, non-verbal communication is a very important and helpful means of recognizing real interest.

Tip No. 3: He'll get in touch with you

Many women know the endless waiting for a WhatsApp message in front of the cell phone. And the guy just doesn't answer. But if your crush also reports to you for no apparent reason, for example with simple words or pictures, that shows that you are present in his everyday life and that he is thinking of you. He really likes you!

Tip # 4: You should become a part of his life

Admittedly, this tip is a bit progressive and won't be clarified on the first or second date. If he is genuinely interested in a relationship with you, he would like to integrate you into his life as soon as possible. He wants to introduce you to his friends or family. Afterwards, do friends and acquaintances say empty phrases like “oh you're XYZ that ABC was talking about the whole time?” - this is a very good indication that a man with, along with the appropriate body language, shows sexual interest.

If you sit at the dinner table with his parents and are introduced, you can be 99.9% sure that he means business. This is a very big trust factor. Men do not introduce women to their families until they are absolutely sure!

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