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Translation of "do you still remember" in French

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tu te souviens tu te rappelles


But to my partner do you remember.
Jericho was my idea do you remember?
But really, do you rememberwhen we were chained to each other for the first time?
Bru, do you remember of that Russian waitress from the other night?
You had an alter ego do you remember? Yes.
Nice to see you. Walter Junior, do you remember to Mr. Fring?
Hotte, do you remember of our bucket campaign in this luxury restaurant?
Buck went to practice with me do you remember?
When he came in to tell us what it was about do you rememberwhat you said champ?
Il est venu nous dire ce que c'était, do souviens de ce que tu as dit?
George, do you remember the evening in Martini's bar when you told me that you read somewhere about the extraction of plastic from soybeans?
George, do souviens du soir quand tu m'as dit que tu avais lu comment faire du plastique À partir de soja?
George, buddy, do you remember of the girl I introduced you to, Lorraine?
George, mon vieux, do souviens de cette fille que je t'ai présentée, Lorraine?
Ok so do you rememberwhen you had cancer?
Do you remember to Bud Everhard, my old crony.
Do you remember to Hack Scudder?
Do you remember to our pact?
Do you rememberwhat Shôta looked like?
Do you remember to Mary?
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