Who are all the billionaires who have graduated

Billionaires: number increases by seven percent

A study by Wealth X in collaboration with UBS shows that one in three million people on earth is a billionaire. Today there are more billionaires on the planet than ever before - namely 2,325. In the past year (July 2013 to June 2014) the number of billionaires rose by seven percent. Not only their numbers but also their fortunes increased. In total, they now own $ 7.3 trillion and control four percent of global wealth. Billionaires have an average cash worth of $ 600 million, with $ 94 million invested in real estate. The study assumes that the number of billionaires will continue to grow.

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The capital of billionaires is New York

The number of billionaires grew the most in the United States. The United States is now the country with the highest rate of billionaires: 571 billionaires live there. As a region, however, Europe continues to lead the way: 775 billionaires live here. The European billionaires capital is London, while the world capital of billionaires is New York. Moscow and Hong Kong follow in second and third place. There are 123 billionaires living in Germany, making the Federal Republic fourth behind the USA, China and Great Britain.

Large transfers of wealth through inheritance

The strong increase is mainly due to the transfer of wealth between the generations: The baby boomers pass on their wealth to their children. This means that wealth is thrown together and continues to grow. Still, most billionaires (81 percent) made their fortune on their own with their companies.

The typical billionaire

The typical billionaire is thus a self-made billionaire. He is male, 63 years old, married and made his fortune in the financial sector. His fortune ranges from one billion to ten billion US dollars. Female billionaires are also in their sixty, but most of their wealth is inherited from their husbands. So many of them are widows (21 percent). 65 percent of billionaires have a university degree - 11 percent have a PhD.

Source:Wealth X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014