What can you do about unresponsive teammates

Teammates actively ignore my work. What should I do?

Phil M.

One thing must be clear:

How can I correct this behavior in my colleagues?

You cannot force a change in the behavior of others except to make it worse. The only person you can really change is yourself.

You have already asked and received unresponsive answers. Listen you so on to ask. They really do not know the cause and therefore cannot directly address the problem. It can be a number of things from your proficiency, an aversion to your personality, to racism or other discrimination. It could even be something "political" that they fought to add you or anyone else to the team and YOU lost that fight before you even started. Or an old member was fired (and they didn't like it) and you were the replacement. Even if it doesn't seem fair or logical, they have their reasons (even if they are bad or adverse).

But there are still things you can do:

  1. Keep improving your skills : Check the reviews, ask questions about why they chose a particular solution (start small), look for terms and techniques that are not known, etc.
  2. NEVER let your assigned tasks suffer : You may not choose to include your pull request, but that responsibility is yours as long as your job performance is not flawed
  3. Be on time and offer to work late : (unless you are hourly and there are staff guidelines) This shows dedication to the team and gives you a hard working reputation
  4. Offer to "Grunz" -Work: QA tasks, browsing customer support reports, etc.
  5. Occasionally ask for help with your chores : But do some research ... "Do you think A or B is better?"
  6. Be the first to offer help : If another team member needs something (work-related or not), help out when you can
  7. Try to be friendlier with the people on the team : Buy small birthday presents, chat about non-work items, offer to take them with you for lunch / drinks, offer to have a coffee run during your lunch break, etc.

In essence, right now the team feels that you are adding very little value ... and so you need to change: by demonstrating your worth.

It is most likely that only one person controls the team to treat you like that. This person could be the team leader, but it could also be the social leader (popular / clown). Regardless of who it is, the hardest thing will be to convince that person. So don't focus on them. Focus on convincing everyone as best you can. Failure to do so could lead to a split in the group.