What is Masters in Management

Master Management

General study vs. specialization study

The management study area includes, on the one hand, the generalist courses, which provide you with a broad basic knowledge of the elementary subjects. On the other hand, there are numerous Niche courses - e.g. marketing management, financial management, supply chain management, project management and event management. These provide you with Expert knowledge in a specific area. If you are already sure which professional direction you want to pursue before starting your studies, a specialized management degree can of course mean an advantage on the job market and make it easier to cope with tasks on the job.

With a general master's management do you keep yourself on the other hand numerous career paths open and can find out your suitable direction while you are still studying. Different focus subjects within a generalist Masters can be helpful in uncovering a passion for a particular area. In addition, internships as part of your studies - be it on a compulsory or voluntary basis - are a good way to arouse interest and drive for a work area. A general master's management is therefore also particularly suitable for those who are undecided about their career path. We provide you with more information about this degree program below.

University tip


At the SRH Fernhochschule you have the opportunity to specialize in one area after your first business studies. The Master in Management can go in the direction of tourism, sport or health. More details are available via the info button.