What color jeans go with a denim shirt

Combine denim shirt: THESE styling tricks should be known to every woman!

Denim shirts are cool, no question about it. The trendy tops have only one catch: you often don't know which pants or which skirt to wear with a blue shirt. So that you no longer stand at a loss in front of your wardrobe, here are the best styling tips for your denim shirt!

Which pants go with the denim shirt?

A denim shirt can be a real stroke of luck for an outfit, because it looks casual and uncomplicated. If you want your look to look elegant despite a denim shirt, you should combine it with simple dark pants. Black figure-hugging jeans are a safe choice.

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Do you want your look to be more exciting? Then combine leather leggings with a denim shirt. But make sure that you wear a denim shirt that is cut longer. This looks more stylish with leggings than short shirts.

Or you can choose a denim shirt with cool details. Models with feminine ruffles and flounces that perfectly match the western trend are particularly popular at the moment.

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Denim shirt and jeans - do they go together?

We are fans of jeans to jeans! Because the all-over denim look can look super sexy. So dare to wear the blue outfit and simply wear figure-hugging skinny jeans or comfortable mom jeans with your casual denim shirt.

Tip: Anyone who feels as blue as a Smurf can also combine gray jeans with a denim shirt or use different washes for shirt and pants. A belt can also help to visually differentiate the lower and upper parts.

Also particularly cool: tuck the hem of the shirt into the waistband and leave one or two buttons of the denim shirt open!

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Style break desired: This is how you can style denim shirts with feminine skirts

But denim shirts don't just go well with pants. They also look great with playful and feminine skirts!

Try it out and combine a medium blue denim shirt with a pastel-colored pleated skirt in midi length or a mini skirt with flounces. The apparent break in style between the coarse top and the girlish, elegant skirt is super exciting.

You can shop for a nice pleated skirt here at NA-KD, for example. *

Also great: combine denim shirts with cool prints

For the absolute eye-catcher look, you can also style your denim shirt with cool prints. These can be playful flower patterns, checks or animal prints. Denim shirts go with (almost) every print. How about, for example, summery Marlene trousers in a wide cut with a denim piece?

Depending on how the lower part is cut, you can, for example, choose an oversize model and style it casually as a jacket replacement. Or you can do it like the fashion professionals and loosely knot the denim shirt at the front - that not only looks extremely cool, but also ensures the perfect silhouette.

Which shoes go well with the denim look?

Let's get to the shoes: With them you can make your styling look either sportier or more elegant. If you want to wear the denim outfit in everyday life, sneakers (there is a large selection on Amazon *) are a safe bet. If you want your look to be suitable for the evening, rock boots or high heels are essential.

Tip: With a leather jacket you underline the rock-cool character of your jeans look!

No denim shirt in your wardrobe yet? Here are cool models for after-shopping:

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