Why do people love beautiful things

24 beautiful things that cost nothing & make us happy

A stroll through the Christmas market or a walk through the forest: No matter what we're up to in the near future, we should enjoy the anticipation. Because just thinking about beautiful events that lie ahead of us activates the area in the brain that puts us in a good mood and makes us happy.

Advent is the time of atmospheric songs. Inevitably we start to smile and remember our childhood: when we lived through the seemingly endless weeks leading up to Christmas full of expectation. In fact, music changes heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate and muscle tension. According to brain researchers, classical Christmas music in particular creates a peaceful atmosphere even in the most stressful situations.

3. The art of pampering yourself

Fine chocolates, a good glass of red wine or a special dinner - now we should allow ourselves everything our heart desires. “Enjoyment is the signal that the organism is getting what it needs,” the science author Stefan Klein found out. And that can be a cozy evening on the sofa or a party where you can party until four in the morning. It's about enjoying the moment, even when it may be unreasonable. But it is precisely these moments that we keep in mind and that accompany us for a lifetime.

“Books are the quietest and most dear friends; they are the most approachable and wisest advisors and the most patient teachers, ”wrote American author and editor Charles W. Elliot. When we read, we can dive into another world, start dreaming, let our imagination run wild, leave worries and hardships behind us. We meet characters and people who make us laugh or cry and with whom we go on adventures. We read of friendship, love or betrayal, failure, survival or fame. While we read we are touched. And at the end of the story, your own life only begins.

Sleep makes you happy. The US author Gretchen Rubin even quotes a study in her book "The Happiness Project" that says that an hour more sleep per night can contribute more to happiness than a raise in salary, for example.

A tender hug, a gentle contact on the back, a hand that is held lovingly - touch is the most valuable communication between people. When we feel each other's warmth on our skin, our breathing and muscles relax, blood pressure lowers, and the production of stress hormones decreases.

7. The joy of giving

Often the most beautiful gifts are those that we never find out who sent them. Just as we know it from Christmas elves among friends and colleagues: The gift tag only says the name of the recipient ... Just the fact that someone has thought of us fills us with happiness, strengthens our self-esteem and relieves stress.

8. Time of comfort

The days are short. It's stormy and cold. The weather keeps us from leaving the apartment. The longing for comfort increases. So it's the best time to take friends and relatives over for coffee or dinner. Studies show how good this is for us: People who eat together are significantly happier than those who do not practice this ritual regularly. When we are with others, we feel who we are, what we want and how good their presence is for us.

As soon as we laugh, we stop doing something and start being. We automatically relax, let go of heavy thoughts. This lowers blood pressure, and stress hormones can hardly be found in the body. Even more: When we laugh, we are rewarded with euphoric messenger substances from the brain - by the way, it also works very well when we really laugh at ourselves.

A smile for the neighbor, a bouquet of flowers for the mother or girlfriend - those who can show their gratitude have the key to happiness. Because: We cannot feel angry and happy at the same time. So gratitude is an effective remedy for negative feelings such as B. anger, envy, or anger.

11. The gift of listening

Listening is a matter of the heart, the sincere desire to establish closeness - with all attention and sympathy. It is an art that very few have mastered. There is nothing more honest than showing others how important and valuable they are to us.

12. Sensuality of baking

When it is freezing cold outside, cozy warmth fills all rooms. In the kitchen there is a seductive smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies. Secret expectation is in the air, the joy of Christmas ...