How do I clean a wedding dress

Cleaning wedding dress

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Clean the hob with coffee powder

Burnt on the stove top can be easily removed with coffee powder. Simply clean the stove roughly after cooking or remove any liquids and then ...

Easily clean the Scheer blade

The blade and blades of the razor are easy to clean with denture cleaning tabs. ...


01/26/10 by Norbert Rex

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Clean glasses inexpensively and free of scratches

To clean glasses inexpensively and scratch-free, you can do the following: Prepare glasses cleaning water: Put boiled water (for longer shelf life) in a spray bottle, ...

Clean plastic window frames

I've tried a lot, but haven't found anything. Since I experiment a lot, I've tried the following to clean my plastic window frames. I'll take ...

Cleaning dental instruments from the dentist to scratching and more

Dental instruments are the names of these tools that I found at the flea market. In the middle of the photo is the pointed tooth probe. This is unique to cracks ...

Clean the glass oven door

To clean the glass oven door, spray it with liquid dishwasher cleaner, rub it dry (also works with old newspaper or paper towel), then wipe it with a wet cloth and rub it dry. You can ...

Clean the power strip

Since we have a socket strip very close to the stove top in our kitchen, it automatically gets some dirt off again and again. The outer ...



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Clean the gas grill

Everyone knows it and nobody loves it ... The grill grate needs to be cleaned after grilling. There are many tricks to do this. Most suggest detergents or other emergency measures. But who would like the grate ...

Gently clean ears

Another tip for gentle cleaning of the ears: I have just read a tip on how not to clean the ears, namely with cotton swabs. Correct…


11/25/14 from Rumpumpel

Airways & ears

Clean the extractor hood - quickly & squeaky clean

Cleaning the enamelled parts of the extractor hood is very easy with "Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel Fett & Öl". Disassemble the extractor hood and dispose of the old filter. For…



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Clean streaky windshields

Streaky windshields can be cleaned as follows: Simply smear the windshield with a sponge and a commercially available glass ceramic (glass ceramic field) or stainless steel household cleaner Allow the windshield to dry ...

Clean the toilet with remnants from the shower room

Who does not know that, the bottle from the shower room is not yet completely empty, although it has already been turned upside down. Here is a tip on how you can really get the last bit out of the bottle ...

Clean the ashtray

I am a non-smoker, but guests are welcome to smoke at my place. It is then uncomfortable to clean the ashtray, which is often very dirty. Now I am ...


12/5/12 from nellocat

Lamps & ashtrays

Clean the wax tablecloth / tablecloth

If you use such a wax tablecloth; somehow, over time, just wiping it off with it, some stains no longer come off. The wax tablecloth can be easily cleaned as follows: put the tablecloth in the sink, put warm ...

Clean the dishwasher

The inside of the dishwasher should also be cleaned from time to time - sounds paradoxical, but there are even extra dishwasher detergents for this. Clean the dishwasher ...

Cleaning blinds made easy

When I clean my blinds, it's very easy if I pull an old sock over my hand that I have previously ...

Clean files if they are used too much: with a wire brush

Have you done a lot of tinkering and often used the file? Too much wood chips? Then you can clean them very quickly and easily with a wire brush. Go over the file a couple of times and it is ...


12.2.12 by Muttilein11

Decoration & craft materials

Clean the toilet - look under the edge with a mirror

Clean the toilet where it is needed, without a lot of chemicals, but with an overview. "Look around the corner" with a mirror or look under the edge. ...

Easier to clean pots and pans

Pots or pans are much easier to clean after eating if you put a few drops of washing up liquid in the ...


3.2.05 by F.B.I. (Friends of Bata Illic's)

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Clean vases with eggshells

Dirty vases can be cleaned with eggshells and lukewarm water. Simply shake vigorously, let stand a little and the vase is clean. ...


5.4.06 from Bernhard


Easy to clean pleated blinds

Plissées are easy to clean by simply leaving some warm water with a little hair shampoo in the bathtub, inserting the plissées and letting them work for about 15 minutes. Then you should use the shower head (softer ...

Inexpensive tea with the Tassimo

Many are annoyed about the price of the discs for the Tassimo. As a tea drinker, it also annoys me that there are very few varieties - my favorite varieties are not at all. While cleaning my machine, I came across ...

Do not clean the mirror with glass cleaner

Mirrors are often cleaned with glass cleaner, sprayed on, wiped off, done. But: the glass cleaners contain an agent that dissolves the film behind the mirror surface. The…

Clean the occlusal splint / grinding splint

Since I unfortunately suffer from severe teeth grinding at night, my dentist has prescribed a grinding splint / bite splint. To clean it, I put it on during the day or for a short time ...


4.10.14 by Stephi31

Teeth & mouth

Clean glasses with shaving gel / foam

With the morning wet shave, you can quickly clean your own glasses. Simply add some of the gel / foam to the lenses with ...


March 2nd, 2009 by Michael Fischer

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Clean silver and gold chains

To clean my silver and gold chains, I not only use toothpaste - this is known - but also my electric toothbrush (ultrasound).

Clean razor blades with nail brushes

Razor blades or disposable razors can be easily cleaned by rubbing them over a nail brush. ...

Clean toothbrush quickly

Everyone knows this: despite rinsing a toothbrush after brushing your teeth, a sticky white layer of toothpaste often forms. To fix it ...


1.2.19 from fusseline


Clean the sink tap with an old toothbrush

Clean dirt / limescale around the sink tap with a little scouring milk and an old toothbrush. One wonders what else comes out of it !! ...

Drain clean prophylaxis

Once you have a blockage, you can clean it quickly, cheaply and environmentally friendly with a bottle brush. Hair that has clogged the drain remains ...

Clean bottles and vases with coffee grounds

Glass bottles or vases that can hardly be cleaned from the inside can be cleaned properly with coffee grounds. Simply fill in 1-2 spoons of coffee grounds and some hot water, close, ...


7/17/11 by zauberweib


Clean the blender

The hand blender can be easily cleaned after use by briefly holding it in the rinse water (attention: deep enough - risk of splashing) and turning it on. ...


9.2.11 from BeateIG

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