How does a monkfish taste

Monkfish (Lotte)

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  1. What you should know about anglerfish
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    2. season
    3. taste
  2. Our favorite monkfish recipes
  3. How healthy is anglerfish anyway?
  4. Shopping and cooking tips for anglerfish
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    3. preparation
  5. Preparation tips for monkfish
  6. FAQs - the most common questions
    1. Monkfish - how long in the oven?
    2. What does anglerfish cost?
    3. Monkfish - how long to grill?

What you should know about anglerfish

Whoever that monkfish (sometimes also called Lotte) missed his name - he thought something. Because this predatory fish looks like a mixture of demon and dragon: black with an oversized, wide head, on which two small eyes look upwards, above which small horns sit. If the monkfish rips open its huge crack in its mouth, pointy and extremely sharp teeth come to light. In addition, there is a dorsal fin, which is divided into individual spines - in short: the anglerfish looks scary.

Presumably that is why you often see whole monkfish headless even in the fish shop. It is not eaten anyway, although professional and ambitious hobby cooks appreciate it: You can cook an excellent fish stock from the head of the monkfish.

But the best thing about the monkfish is of course its headless, completely harmless body: it delivers devilishly good, snow-white meat that is pleasantly firm and completely boneless. Only in the middle is there a strong backbone from which the fishmonger cuts the fine fillets.

The predator, also known as frogfish, can grow up to two meters long and weigh more than 50 kilograms. Anglerfish tastes best up to a size of about one meter (with head).


Anglerfish lives mainly in the north-east Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Incidentally, its second name “angler fish” does not come from the fact that it is popular with anglers. Rather, the reason for this alias is that monkfish fish themselves, so to speak: They lure other fish with their skin flaps on the long forehead antennae, which they then eat. Interesting anecdote from medicine: In 1921, the first insulin for the treatment of diabetics was extracted from the monkfish pancreas.


Monkfish can be bought fresh or frozen all year round.


Monkfish tastes more like lobster than fish and has a very fine, subtle aroma.

Our favorite monkfish recipes

Here you can find all monkfish recipes.

How healthy is anglerfish anyway?

Anyone who has fished in the Seeteufel specialty shop can be happy: They are not only looking forward to a special treat, but also an extremely healthy meal.

With only half a gram of fat per 100 grams, monkfish is one of the particularly lean types of fish. On top of that, its little fat is made up of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids and it also has a large portion of proteins - important for the immune system and muscles - to offer (1).

Here is an overview of the nutritional values ​​of 100 grams of monkfish (2):

Nutritional values ​​of monkfish per 100 grams
protein14.9 g
fat0.7 g
carbohydrates0 g
Fiber0 g

Shopping and cooking tips for anglerfish


You can have fresh monkfish cut into chops (with a thick central bone or backbone) or fillet medallions from the dealer. For the second variant, however, you pay significantly more.

Incidentally, the meat of the monkfish is wrapped in wafer-thin, but surprisingly tight, skins. If you want full enjoyment, they can also be removed because they become unpleasantly tough when cooked.


Prepare fresh monkfish as soon as possible after shopping. If necessary, you can unwrap it out of foil or paper, put it in a glass or porcelain dish and store it in the coldest part of the refrigerator for a day.


If the fishmonger has already cut and skinned the monkfish for you, there is really nothing left to do. Only if black skins are still clinging to the white meat should you take action and carefully remove them with a pointed, sharp knife.

Preparation tips for monkfish

Monkfish is not only delicious, but also extremely versatile. You can simply fry the fillet or the small chops, but you can also steam or grill it.

The fine meat of monkfish goes particularly well with Mediterranean vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and pasta. Mediterranean herbs such as thyme and rosemary as well as lemons are also perfect for seasoning monkfish.

Very important: Always cook monkfish as short as possible, otherwise they will quickly become dry and tough instead of tender.

FAQs - the most common questions

Monkfish - how long in the oven?

Monkfish needs about 20 to 30 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees before it is cooked.

What does anglerfish cost?

Since anglerfish is a very noble fish, a whole anglerfish, which usually weighs around 1.8 kilograms, has its price - depending on the provider, it costs around 120 euros.

Monkfish - how long to grill?

Monkfish does not need to be grilled for long. To keep the fish nice and juicy, the medallions should be grilled in the indirect zone for about five to six minutes.