What is an early dinner

Early dinner to prevent diabetes and obesity?

If you take the biological clock into account and eat early for dinner, you can help prevent metabolic diseases like diabetes. Do you want to know more about it? Then read on!

Last update: September 25, 2020

Would you like to learn how to become a early dinnercan have a positive effect on the prevention of diabetes or help you lose weight? Some believe that the best way to lose weight is to skip dinner altogether. However, in most cases, the problem is not the dinner itself, but the amount and time.

As part of a healthy diet, nutritionists typically recommend four main meals a day. TheDinner should take place as early as possible. In no case should you go to bed immediately afterwards.

Diet taking into account the biological clock

TheEating habits and physical activity are directly related to weight.But they are also important in the prevention of metabolic diseases. In addition to the nutritional patterns, however, the eating times must also be taken into account. What does science say on this subject?

For some time now, scientists have known that the human body based on an internal biological clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle according to the times of day.Every organ has its own rhythm.

This discovery led, among other things, to the realizationthat the metabolism follows a rhythm and therefore the enzyme and digestive systems are ready to take in food at a certain point in time. It is therefore advisable to adjust the eating times to the biological clock.
So having dinner early could help prevent diabetes and maintain a healthy weight. The internal clock could also be very important in the prevention of obesity.

Early dinner could be helpful in preventing diabetes and obesity

In connection with this issue, various studies suggest thatPeople who go to bed right after dinner are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome.These are diseases that we mentioned at the beginning.

One in the trade journal Nutrients published study compares the effects of diet with three main meals and a bun in two groups of young adults. One group received these meals during the day and the other at night.

Both groups received exactly the same diet, but the second, who ate at night, developed indicators of insulin resistance, that is, they were at higher risk of developing diabetes.

Studies with a group of students showed similar results.One group lived during the day with a diet between sunrise and sunset and dinner as early as possible. The other group led a similar life, but at night.

The glucose levels of the first group were within normal range, as were the leptin and insulin levels, which are responsible for the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates. So these students had a better ability to burn fat and a lower risk of developing diabetes.

Nutrition experts therefore point outthat early dinner has various health benefits. So always try to have dinner two hours before bedtime.

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An early dinner and a healthy breakfast

It's not that the body can't digest the nutrients at night. It's about,that the biological clock has its own rhythm.This is why it is also important to eat regularly and not skip meals.

In connection with this topic we mention an interesting study: “La comida por la noche como factor inductor de obesidad” (English: eating at night as an inductive factor for obesity). This study was carried out on rats and the scientists were able to observe that the first meal of the day marked the beginning of the daily rhythm and that this occurred in accordance with the biological clock.

In those rats that did not receive any food at the beginning of the day, the metabolic cycles started with a delay. In addition, they had lost their inner synchronicity and this changed the signs that point to the beginning of the night. As a result, they showed deviations in fat absorption and showed a greater predisposition to store fat in the tissue.

An early dinner could help prevent diabetes

To keep a healthy weightit is important to respect the biological rhythm of the organism and keep regular eating times.Dinner should be about two hours before bedtime.

In addition, you should choose foods that are as healthy as possible and alsotake into account your specific needs.It is best to seek advice from a nutritionist.

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