Why can't my Vietnam friends speak English

May 25, 2016

You already know My from my report on IDO 2016. She won first prize and is flying to Berlin in July. A well-deserved victory, because My is super hardworking and learns German almost every day. We got to know each other in class at the Nang Khieu School and now and then see each other at extracurricular events. For example, I looked after their karaoke group for the competition. I find your hard work and your motivation very impressive and wanted to find out more about you and your goals. I was interested in why My, who lives thousands of kilometers from Germany in a completely different world, deals so intensively with the German language and culture. That's why we arranged to meet for a short interview.

What was your first contact with the German language like?

I still remember the day I learned German at school for the first time. A beautiful and nice teacher from Austria taught us in the first lesson how to introduce ourselves.

Was the German course compulsory or did you take it voluntarily?

The course is voluntary. To be honest, I didn't get in touch immediately when it became known that there would be a special class for German from the school year 14/15. I actually already had enough to study for school. But somehow I decided to learn German after all. And I'm so happy about it! I really fell in love with German, you could say.

Oh how nice. Sometimes small decisions change a whole life! Fortunately, you decided to take German lessons. Have you ever been to Germany?

Yes! Last July I attended a summer youth course in Dresden for three weeks. I got a scholarship for these three weeks. That was really nice. And now I'm going back to Germany - for the international German Olympics.

What do you find particularly exciting about the German language?

A lot of people told me earlier that German was so difficult. Most of it is memorization. But know better now and don't believe that. I think German is absolutely beautiful. And above all, logical!

Yes that's true! I've heard many times that people who are good at math have fewer problems with German.

Yes, it can be! I'm good at math too! Maybe because of this …

What Do you like in Germany?

I like a lot of things about Germany. The people, for example. The Germans are a bit reserved at the beginning, but actually they are very nice and also very disciplined. And they are on time too!

Yes, sometimes more sometimes less ... πŸ˜‰ Why do you think it is important that people learn German in Vietnam?

You don't only need German if you want to live or work there. If you can speak and understand a new foreign language, mine has a whole new source of information. You can learn a lot about German culture through German. Languages ​​are like a key.

Yes that's true. I couldn't have said it better. How do you rate the status of German in Vietnam at the moment?

German is not that popular at the moment. But I think German will become more and more important in the future and will have a high priority. Because many students want to study in Germany. The training there is very good.

You want to study in Germany too, right? What would you like to study?

Yes this is my dream. I want to become a surgeon and therefore study medicine.

Oh wow! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! If you learn German with this goal in mind, how present is the language in your everyday life?

I could almost say that German is like a good friend. I meet him every day, I learn German every day. Without this friend my life would be pretty boring. I learn a lot from the internet. Via YouTube videos, for example. Or the Deutsche Welle. It's great that there are so many free options.

Are there any challenges that you have already encountered while learning German?

Yes. Unfortunately, I cannot take the exams for the higher language levels in Vietnam. C1 and C2 cannot be learned here. The most difficult challenge for many German learners is also that they hardly have the opportunity to speak German with native speakers and to practice it. Pronunciation is sometimes very difficult. Studying abroad is also very difficult to come by.

I will definitely keep my fingers crossed that your studies in Germany will work! But first of all, I wish you a great time in Berlin at the IDO. Thank you for the interview, my dear.