Why ion crystals are sproede

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From: Andreas Ziegler

Status: 04/22/2020

The following substances / objects should be checked for their deformability:
Glass, iron, gold, wood, table salt, platinum, stone
Name the fabrics that can be easily deformed by pressure alone.

Iron, gold and platinum are metals that can be easily deformed.

Salts cannot be deformed. You are brittle. Salts consist of an ion lattice. As the image of a table salt crystal shows at the particle level, there are positively charged ions and negatively charged ions in fixed places in the ion lattice.

At the particle level, explain the brittleness of the salts compared to the ductility of the metals.

When pressure is exerted on a salt crystal, the ion layers shift against one another, so that ions with the same charge face one another. These repel each other. A fragment can easily be split off.