How do you survive a cold winter

We are back in the dark and cold season in which we do one thing above all: wait. That strange time between the end of summer and Christmas that somehow doesn't want to pass. Your parents will text you constantly to remind you that the clocks are being turned back, even if they know for sure that you don't even have one. And the question of when you will finally book your train home, you will be heard at least twice a day. So if you are neutral to indifferent about the festivities at the end of the year, winter is a single, long journey to a world with little sunlight, a lot of Netflix and dry skin.

But it doesn't have to be that way! We can learn how to survive these four (or six) miserable months or at least pass the time reasonably well.

Canceling dates is OK (after all, you're making an effort to show up somewhere

Sometimes a work colleague's baby shower can take the wind out of your motivation sails. It's OK if you cancel or don't show up because your winter depression is just too bad. Just be honest and direct when sending the rejections. Your honesty will save you from making up bad excuses like your landlord's all important birthday party.

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