How do I identify real emerald stone

Emerald has its magical properties. Who is the emerald stone suitable for? Emerald of igneous origin

Emerald is a type of green beryl. This gem has been known to mankind since the time of Sumerian civilization. The ancient Greeks named it "Radiance Stone". Even then, people paid attention to unusual properties a stone like an emerald.

One of the main characteristics of an emerald gemstone is its color, which is characterized by its uniqueness due to its wide spectrum. However, few know what color and shade the emerald is considered to be the most valuable, which is explained by some differences in color. In general, green is the basic color. There are also specimens with a bluish tint or blue veins.

Properties of emerald gemstones: color and clarity of the gemstone

There are many varieties of pure green emeralds, of which more than others are valued those that have a dark green tint ... sometimes they are even more expensive than diamonds. The photo shows what color and type of emerald is considered the highest quality and recommended for purchase:

However, jewelers distribute three main characteristics of color for this jewel - lightness, saturation, and tone. It is estimated that more expensive copies are more expensive than the others.

It is known that stones of natural origin rarely have a uniform shape. They can have many defects such as: B. a network of veins, an uneven defective surface. In order to achieve the gem quality characteristics of an emerald, it is therefore treated with special substances. Due to the material defects mentioned above, this gemstone is rather fragile. To increase the stability of the material, jewelers mainly use cabochons or use a specific emerald cut.

Emerald specifications

Chemical composition:




Fe 2 O 3, V 2 O 3, Cr 2 O 3

Daylight color:

Green, yellowish green

Color under artificial light:

Dark green

Glass gloss.

Hardness index:

Function color:

Transparency level:

Transparent, translucent

Density display:

2.69-2.78 g / cm³

Refractive index:



History and Deposits of Emeralds

The name of the stone in English refers to one of the types of beryl "aquamarine", which has a color sea wave ... In translation, the name of a gem such as emerald means "green gem".

Other Latin names have forms such as smaragdus, esmeraude, emeraude, and esmeralde.

There is evidence that these stones were found as early as 4000 BC. Were traded in Babylon. Since that time, natural stones, such as emeralds, have been highly valued by the greatest cultures. It is known from history that the Indian Sultan Shah Jahan wore a talisman with this stone on which ancient texts were carved. There is evidence that for this reason the emerald was viewed as a symbol of holiness and love. There was also plenty of evidence that Queen Cleopatra was very fond of these jewelry, and even emerald mines with tools dating back to 1300 BC. Were found. The ancient Egyptians adorned mummies and tombs with emerald crystals.

It is known that the Greeks considered the emerald to be one of the best stones and valued it very much. According to Herodotus, it is known that an ancient Greek figure like Polykart wore this nugget in his ring.

The first finds date back to 1925 when Colombian explorers went on an expedition to Indian reservations, where a small number of stones were found. The only currently known South American emeralds are located near Bogotá. The most famous mines are in Muzo. Emeralds occur in thin veins of black bituminous limestones that contain early Cretaceous ammonites.

Such finds were later mentioned in Peru. After that, emeralds became popular in Europe, where they were very rare and almost never found until the 1930s.

The word "emerald" came into the Russian language through the Persian "Zumurrud" and the Turkish "Zumrut".

MI Pylyaev, in his book "Precious Stones", refers to an article published in the Bulletin of the Geographical Society in 1860, which states that the first emerald of Russian origin was found in 1669.

However, if you follow the official version, the first emerald was found in Russia no earlier than the 19th century, namely in 1839. For the first time, this gem was discovered by a Beloyarsk farmer, Maxim Kozhevnikov. The find took place in the Yekaterinburg district on the banks of the Tokovaya.

Currently, Malyshevskoye near Yekaterinburg is the only Russian emerald deposit.

In addition, there are large deposits of emeralds in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Colombia and Brazil. This jewel can be found in small quantities in Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Egypt, India, Spain, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Somalia, USA, Tanzania, France. Switzerland and Ethiopia.

One of the largest emeralds known to mankind is the "Emerald Buddha". This 3,600 carat nugget was found in Madagascar after which a Buddha figure was carved out of it.

Because of the high cost of the emerald, attempts have been made to remove it synthetically. These efforts were crowned with success between 1934 and 1937 when the Germans filed a patent for their synthesis. Artificial emeralds are mass-produced in the United States today.

Distinguish between ordinary and artificial emeralds with the help of filtered ultraviolet radiation (360 nm), to which a real emerald usually does not react, while synthetic emeralds have a maroon luminescence. However, this rule is not always confirmed. Many natural emeralds can also respond to filtered ultraviolet light.

Price of an emerald: This is how much a stone costs per 1 carat

The influence of color tones and the smallest color nuances on the price of an emerald is very important. Among the characteristics of an emerald, in addition to purity, color is considered the most important, although the latter is neglected in favor of a saturated hue. There are many types of emerald gemstones dispersed in color and transparency that determine the quality and price of the stone. The normal color range is from yellow-green to blue-green. However, it is believed that the most valuable material has a pronounced dark green color. In addition, the highest quality of the product is determined by the transparency of the material. Any deviation in shade will turn this gemstone into a cheaper variety - green beryl.

There is no straightforward answer to the question of how much 1 carat of a gemstone like an emerald costs because the price characteristics of each piece depend on many factors. For example, the cost per carat increases with the size of the solid stone. That is, the smaller the entire stone, the lower the cost of one carat, and vice versa.

But it's not just the color and size that determine the price of a particular nugget. For example, a high-quality and naturally more expensive emerald is an emerald in which visible veins and opacities are not visible to the naked eye.

The highest quality emeralds are rarely offered for sale. Price ranges for stones of the highest quality class:

  • from 0.01 to 0.99 carats from $ 700 to $ 3,500 per carat;
  • from 1.00 to 2.99 carats from $ 4,000 to 7,000 per carat;
  • from 3.00 to 5.99 carats from $ 6,000 to $ 9,500 per carat;
  • from 6.00 to 15.00 ct. from $ 8,000 to $ 13,000 per carat.

Also, many wonder how much an artificial emerald costs and whether it can be bought at a lower price than a natural one. Yes, it is known that artificial gemstones for legs are slightly lower in price than natural ones, which is due to the inferior quality of the material. One of the indicators of an unnatural stone is a lower material density, as well as a very characteristic bluish-green color.

Emeralds are usually worn in rings, signet rings, women - also in earrings and necklaces. If possible, it is better to have a jewelry set with emeralds - firstly, it looks stylish, and secondly, this way you give stones more opportunities to positively affect your fate. Emerald does not require any color support. There is no need to pair it with a green dress or makeup in marsh colors. The light green of the stone should be the solo.

In the photo you can see that emerald stones look best on women of dark complexion, or vice versa - noble pale. Both in the first and in the second case, the jewelry will harmoniously emphasize the natural female beauty ... Earrings interspersed with this material are ideal for women with green eyes. However, those who have eyes of a different color should not immediately give up such graceful jewelry. It is only important to choose earrings with emeralds that have the same saturation as the wearer's eyes. For example, for those representatives of the fair sex who have light eyes, more transparent shades of a gemstone are well suited, and vice versa.

It is believed that rings and rings with this gemstone should be worn on the little finger or ring finger.

Don't be afraid to combine emerald with other gemstones. Aquamarine, amethyst, and pink rhodochrosite are best suited for this purpose.

Gemstones are not just a privilege of women. The male part of humanity can safely pick up rings and seals with emeralds, which can emphasize any austere image.

The magical and astrological properties of an emerald: who is suitable for a stone according to the zodiac sign?

The Jewelery Industry Council of America and the British National Jewelers Association have set the emerald as the birthstone for the month of May.

There is a section in Vedic astrology about how the planets affect human life. This includes the wearing clause of precious stones ... The fact is that, for example, an emerald is a stone of the planet Mercury and those who wear it as a decoration or talisman on their body are under the influence of this celestial body. Mercury is responsible for aspects of human life such as knowledge, trade, success at work, science, and invention. Therefore, a person wearing this type of talisman has special intellectual abilities, a desire to learn about the practical and spiritual areas of human life. A nugget also helps to make new useful contacts.

A part of the Vedas like Ayurveda tells in detail about the importance of emerald stones and the treatment with this material. The fact is that it harmonizes all three doshas of the human body such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Thus, the stone has a beneficial effect on digestion, the respiratory tract and the nervous system. It can be used to treat sore throats and colds. The nugget also has positive effects on people with speech impairments, such as stuttering, neurological disorders, and even deafness. It also relieves heart problems, all types of infectious diseases, and fevers.

The positive effect of the material is also reflected in the general well-being of those who use it. A person's ability to concentrate and learn improves, the tendency towards senseless acts, gambling and kleptomania disappears. Therefore, among all those suitable properties are magical stone emerald, the greatest beneficial effect is noticed by those who have any disorders.

There is a lot of information that emeralds and emerald powder are used to treat eye diseases. The color green is believed to relax the eyes, help them relax, and help a person become more focused.

It is widely believed that emerald has a positive effect on eyesight. One of the medieval recipes states: "To strengthen the light of the eyes (sight), rub the emerald well on the porphyry and, after mixing it with saffron, apply it to the eyes."

Men have long used the Mercury Stone to treat impotence. Women notice a beneficial effect on the skin condition. The stone rejuvenates your face and helps fight aging of the whole body.

It is possible to directly treat this or that disorder of the body or human psyche by wearing an emerald on the body, as well as tinctures and powders from this stone.

There is a theory that adding color to the stone has a beneficial effect on color the person himself. Esotericists suggest that the human body has 7 colors and disorders of the body occur because none of them are present in the energy domain.

The effect of these crystals on one of the human chakras, namely the anahata located in the chest, is determined. This chakra is responsible for loving people and showing compassion.

Another patronizing celestial body the emerald is the moon, as well as Venus, which contributes to its positive properties.

Astrologers give a lot of information about who, according to the zodiac signs, is best for a stone like an emerald and whether it is worth wearing it indiscriminately for everyone. Emerald is a talisman for people born under the sign of Taurus. It is also recommended to wear an emerald talisman for those born under the auspices of the Cancer sign. In this case, the emerald can show its best properties. But those born in the month of Capricorn should get another patronizing gem.

The influence on this or that sign of the zodiac is due to the astrological properties of the emerald stone, among which there is the possibility of giving magical abilities to its owner.

Since ancient times there has been a fad that this stone gives the loyalty of a loved one to its owner. There is also an opinion that green beryl will help its owner see the future, sharpen intuition. As an amulet, an emerald should only be worn in a gold setting. In this case, negative influences can turn the stone into a powerful talisman against evil spells. As a talisman, emerald is one of the most powerful stones that stimulates a person's best.

Astrologers who studied the emerald note magical properties of stone as one of the most beneficial effects on the condition of a person wearing a stone as a talisman. They believe that such an amulet has not only healing magic, but also protective and even love magic.

Those going on a sea voyage are advised to take an emerald with them as it will protect against unwanted accidents on the water. In addition, the stone protects against the bites of poisonous snakes and vipers, as it can hypnotize such animals.

In addition, the amulet from this nugget neutralizes other people's spells and is therefore a powerful defense mechanism. Not only will he not let you be exposed to a negative magical effect, but he will also help get rid of its consequences if it suddenly happens.

If you give the newlyweds an emerald during the wedding, then their marriage is characterized by special perseverance and harmony in the relationship of the married couple. Also, the stone will be able to balance and intensify a couple's sex life to get rid of problems on an intimate basis.

Among other things, the stone can endow its owner with magical qualities. It not only sharpens intuition, but also helps in divination. One of the characteristics of a gemstone like an emerald is the ability to help a person see the other world. Georgians call this jewel "snake" which, when translated, means the word "mirror". This means that under his auspices a person can see the future and the past.

Astrologers also note that samples passed down from generation to generation have a special power and, as a result, receive powerful energy. But there are also mentions that you need to be extremely careful when working with such stones as you can get into big trouble instead of getting good results. Heirloom emeralds should only be used by people who are completely sure how and what to do.

An interesting skill is acquired by nuggets lying in the rain nine times. It is believed that with their help a person is given the opportunity to control the heavenly elements. In ancient magical traditions, people caused rain and dispersed storms and bad weather.

The natural luster and graceful appearance of these gemstones have long been the heartbeat of fascinated collectors and connoisseurs of natural minerals.Emeralds adorned the image of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, who praised the pristine beauty of natural deep green crystals. The ruler Solomon admired the facets of the stones sparkling in the sun, and explained the power and might of his empire to the influence of amazing minerals.

According to legend, the emerald first appeared in the hands of people when it broke off from the crown of the fallen angel - Lucifer

In the 21st century, the value of emeralds in the jewelry market is growing exponentially - large chunks, sapphires and rubies. This phenomenon is due to the rarity of mineral formations, so it is not surprising that they are sold at auctions for unthinkable quantities. However, just becoming the owner of a Class I gem is not enough. You need to know how to wear an emerald and how to match bright green jewelry.

In order for a body jewelry made of precious crystal to blend harmoniously with the image of a person, you need to turn to the opinion of experts in the field of fashion. When choosing, the zodiac sign of the owner of the accessory is also taken into account, so the recommendations of astrologers cannot be neglected.

gold earrings with diamonds and emeralds, SL (prices via links)

Rules for bearing a mineral formation, on the surface of which shimmer thousands of shades of green:

  • If you buy a product with an emerald as a talisman, and not as a decoration, do not pay attention to the purity of the stone - the magical and healing properties of minerals with a transparent and cloudy structure are the same.
  • Crystals are not recommended for people born under the zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpio - the stone will not do any harm, but the benefits of the mineral will remain an imperceptible phenomenon.
  • If you are supported by the constellations Leo, Cancer, Aquarius or Sagittarius, the emerald correlates optimally with your energy.
  • The strict image is harmoniously complemented by jewelry with inlays made of stones cut in deep green.
  • Minerals blend perfectly with tanned skin with a golden hue.
  • It is common to wear rings and rings with faceted crystals on the ring finger or little finger.
  • It is not recommended to wear large emeralds every day - they shine, color, and recommend wearing items with green minerals for special occasions.
  • Miniature rings and signet rings with emeralds go well with “hoops” made of precious metal on the wrists and with finely woven chains.
  • Light green emeralds do not require additional color support, so it is inappropriate to use swamp colors when creating an image. It is recommended to choose cosmetics of calm and warm colors, and in clothes to give preference to classic options without provocative cutouts.
  • The stone goes perfectly with other body jewelry made of aventurine and green amethyst, as well as pink rhodochrosite.

Among jewelry there are a lot of synthetic fakes with emeralds, so it is recommended to use the help of a gemologist when choosing an expensive product

Emeralds are worn by both women and men of different ages. The gemstone looks harmonious in the form of a ring on a finger or a pendant on the neck of a representative of the strong half of humanity. Girls prefer complete sets of green crystals to individual items - earrings and pendants, bracelets and rings.

Before buying a gemstone, ask how to properly care for it. If you follow these guidelines, you can wear a bright green emerald for a long time:

  • When cleaning the stone, do not use sharp objects and abrasives that contain chemicals.
  • It is recommended to rely on an experienced jeweler who will not damage the crystal surface with any additional processing of a brittle mineral.
  • To add freshness to a solid stone, you need to immerse the emerald in water with a drop of ammonia for 15-20 minutes.

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It is not recommended to wear emerald jewelry on a daily basis. Leave the stones in a bowl of pasteurized water overnight, times a week, to "remove" negative energy from the surface of the mineral.

Follow these simple rules and your emeralds will keep their rich green hue while the surface of the minerals does not deteriorate. Even after 30-40 years, you can wear jewelry with a gemstone on special occasions.

Emerald is a unique gemstone that complements the everyday look harmoniously and is also suitable for participation in special events. The main thing is to correctly combine jewelry made of crystals of light green color with makeup, clothes and other jewelry, not forgetting the comparability of the signs of the zodiac with the powerful energy of the mineral.

As with any other real gemstone, the magical properties of the emerald are very pronounced. But they are not suitable for all people.

Magical and metaphysical properties

Noble green color and vibrations, which are characteristic of the emerald, indicate that the stone is connected to the human heart chakra - Anahata. For people with developed intuition, the mineral helps to get in contact with the souls of the dead and with beings from the subtle world and to decipher the signals sent by the universe.

It has an extremely positive effect on the human aura. It is believed that regular wearing of the stone allows the owner to remove all damage to his energy envelope and give it a margin of safety for many years to come.

The magical properties of the emerald are associated with the ability to protect the owner from evil spirits and bumps from evil spirits, therefore, the mineral can often be found in all types of amulets and amulets.

Health effects

Lithotherapy experts recommend using emerald for the following conditions:

  • drop in blood pressure;
  • increased temperature body of any genesis;
  • epilepsy;
  • a headache;
  • arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract (the magical properties of emerald help it relieve the symptoms of ulcer, gastritis and colitis);
  • inflammation in bladder;
  • disorders of the menstrual cycle and severe pain on critical days;
  • hormonal imbalance.

The noble green color of the stone also has a positive effect on the eye muscles and thus restores eyesight.

Although the healing properties of emeralds are powerful, they cannot replace modern medical therapy. To really get rid of the disease, you must first seek the advice of a doctor, strictly adhere to the treatment regimen he has prescribed, and only use the mineral additionally. Such complex therapy will speed recovery.

Effects on the human psyche

Emerald is attributed the property of positively influencing the psyche of its owner. Namely:

  • align the unstable emotional background;
  • alleviate inappropriate fears;
  • compensate for mood swings;
  • give the ability to find a sense of proportion;
  • activate hidden internal resources;
  • develop the ability to distinguish truth from lies;
  • reveal oratorical skills;
  • mobilize spiritual strength and build self-confidence.

For whom is it suitable?

  1. The emerald stone is best suited for the zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer. With these people he maximizes his magical properties. For Gemini, interacting with the mineral helps maintain serenity and show wisdom, increase focus, and erase attacks of excessive emotionality and even aggression.
  2. The stone gives Cancer confidence in their abilities, makes them friendly and sociable and helps to find a reliable life partner. The emerald is also recommended for Taurus.
  3. The rest of the zodiac signs can also wear a stone. The only sign that is categorically contraindicated in interaction with this mineral is Scorpio.
  4. Emerald is suitable for those who have embarked on the path of spiritual practices because it facilitates connection with the subtle world.
  5. It will be useful to harness the stone's energy for people whose field of activity involves emotional experiences but at the same time requires persistence, such as doctors, psychologists and rescuers.
  6. Emerald will help people undergoing rehabilitation in areas of deep emotional turmoil quickly return to a full life.
  7. It is considered the patron saint of sailors and travelers.
  8. As an amulet, we recommend women to keep the family hearth.
  9. For young couples who have not yet sealed their union by marriage, emerald is also suitable, as it helps to maintain loyalty and mutual understanding and to prevent empty debauchery.

How to use

The magical properties of the emerald connect it to the anahata heart chakra. Hence, the stone has the greatest effect on a person when it is worn around the heart. That said, the most effective jewelry with this mineral is a pendant or pendant.

Also, as part of the ring, the stone can have a significant impact:

  • If you wear jewelry with a gem on your little finger, you can solve problems with blood vessels and bring a sense of calm.
  • a ring on the ring finger brings success in love relationships.
  • Wearing jewelry on your middle finger protects you from dangers and unjustified adventures.
  • on the index - gives expediency.

The stone has the least efficiency in headdresses, for example in a diadem.

Emerald is a popular meditation stone. It is believed to have strong positive energy that dispels clumps of bad thoughts. So, if you meditate on the emerald regularly, you can bring absolute goodness into your life.

According to Indian belief, this stone must be taken with you during worship, prayers and when studying the Vedas.

The emerald has some other amazing properties.

  • It is believed that the stone can protect against the attack of snakes. To do this, it is enough to have it with you. He hypnotizes the reptile with his vibrations.
  • To protect against demons while holding magical rituals the emerald crystal should be held under the tongue.
  • To protect the newly created family from marital infidelity, the newlyweds are presented with an emerald on their wedding day, while the bride and groom take care of a festive table that should be sprinkled with white and red wine. The bride is white, the groom is red. A talisman consecrated in this way should be kept at the top of the marriage bed.

Feng Shui application

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, an emerald can increase the energy of the wood element in a room. When you place the stone in the east or southeast, trust and stability come to life. The wooden element is responsible for the channels through which money gets into the house.

Maintaining such positive and productive vibrations contributes to the optimistic posture of residents, and this posture, in turn, makes for a properly placed emerald.

Charging methods

There are several ways to charge a stone.

  1. Activate yourself. Pick up, roll your palms, touch with your breath. Imagine the essence of the emerald as a living being and communicate with it by saying anything you would like to get from the interaction.
  2. The energy of the sun charges the mineral effectively. It is enough to put it under bright rays for a short time.
  3. The energy of the full moon will be transferred to the stone if you wait for the right time and make sure the moonlight falls directly on the emerald.

Charge the stone with solar and moonlight it is much more effective not through window glass, but on the street.

Cleaning rules

  1. You can clean the emerald by holding it under running water. If the stone was in the wrong hands, then mentally free it from outside influence. When cleaning after tampering, imagine the stone removing the negative that has accumulated on it.
  2. Cleaning is best done before the new moon - on the twenty-ninth or thirtieth lunar day.
  3. For cleaning, you can also gas the mineral with incense or hold it over a candle flame.

How can you tell the difference between a fake?

Since ancient times, the emerald has been believed to symbolize spiritual beauty and strength. Modern experts in the study of stones absolutely agree with such statements, since the unique vibrations of the gemstone can literally make a person bloom, giving them peace of mind and confidence in their own powers.

What to Tell You About Weird Magical and Esoteric Approaches to Improving Your Life.


Great Mystical Properties Emeralds have drawn attention to this precious mineral since ancient times. Green crystals with a bluish tint were highly valued in ancient Egypt. They were used to decorate the tombs of the pharaohs, and the legendary Cleopatra considered the emerald stone a symbol of the goddess Isis, which allowed the owner to become wise and cold-blooded. Such crystals brought hope, calm and steadfastness. They were used as an amulet that protects against the evil eye and harm.

A jewel with a rich history

Emerald or emerald is a beryl gemstone with the chemical formula Be3Al2Si6O18. The color saturation, which ranges from light to dark green, is affected by the presence of chromium impurities. The higher their concentration, the darker the crystal.

Emeralds are difficult to cut because of their extreme fragility, so a cut stone weighing more than 5 carats is more expensive than a diamond of the same weight and is very rare.

Large stones are kept in the form of a non-jewelry crystal, based on its magical and healing properties. It is believed that emerald helps get rid of various diseases, the evil eye, and protects a pregnant woman during the period of carrying and feeding a baby.

For men, emeralds help get rid of negative character traits and bad habits. If you keep the crystal at home, it will protect the family hearth and resolve conflicts and disputes between spouses.

Stone of the goddess Isis

It is not certain where, who and when was first made aware of this crystal. The main symbolism and meaning of the emerald stone came to us from ancient Egypt. The calming color of the crystals creates balance in the soul and is suitable for calm reflections on the meaning of life. In contrast to the bright red rubies, which symbolize love and passion.

The properties and meaning of emeralds immediately caught the attention of Egyptian priests, who called the emerald the stone of the goddess Isis. This goddess was believed to patronize mothers who tirelessly prayed for their children.

Much later, representatives of non-traditional religions and religions drew attention to the mysterious bluish sheen and added a mystical meaning to the emerald stone that connected it with the other world.

Large crystals were used for occult rituals as they were believed to symbolize immortality and the regular rebirth of the person.

Mystical properties of the crystal

The ancient Slavs called emerald-emerald, as well as emerald and esmerald. They regarded the beautiful green crystals as a symbol of prosperity, wore them as talismans and gave them mystical properties.

Some crystals have been named Emerod, which means the cursed stone. It was believed that he was dangerous to a person and could take revenge on anyone who disturbed his peace of mind and removed him from his familiar surroundings without permission. Throughout history, these stones have been surrounded by mysticism, which has led to the commission of high-profile crimes and accidents that could not be explained by science.

The legend about the mistress of the copper mountain is connected with the emerald, whose magical power ruined all who dared to intervene in her wealth.

Bandits of all kinds are constantly roaming the largest mines to mine this gem in Colombia, and the miners' safety is ensured by guards armed to the teeth around the clock.

According to clairvoyants and media, seeing an uncut emerald in a dream is a good sign. This indicates that it is time to make changes in life, starting with a change in work and your own environment.A faceted crystal in a dream symbolizes stability and says that in the near future you will not be able to change anything on your own.

Use in non-traditional treatment

Alternative medicine experts make extensive use of the healing properties of emeralds. It is believed that a natural crystal has a positive effect on the general condition of the human body.

The power of the mineral has a fruitful effect on the work of the joints, relieving the owner of osteoarthritis and arthritis. It helps treat digestive system diseases and prevents gastritis, colitis, and ulcers from developing.

Emeralds normalize blood pressure, and in women who wear earrings with such stones, migraines and constant headaches go away. In women, the aggressiveness and pain during PMS decrease as a result of exposure to the crystal, and the level of hormones in the blood is quickly restored.

If you put a natural stone in a glass of water at night, the water is completely disinfected in the morning and has a rejuvenating effect. It can be used for washing or ingestion.

The stone has a positive effect on the psyche of the owner and frees them from sudden mood swings and the feeling of causeless fear.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Let's see which signs of the zodiac the emerald is suitable for and why it is categorically impossible for Scorpio to wear it.

The emerald stone, which has magical and healing properties, is not suitable for everyone according to the zodiac sign. His favorites are Cancer and Gemini, whom the magic crystal frees from hot temper, emotional stress and aggression.

It gives Cancer confidence, and Gemini are relieved of emotional agony and constant feelings of fear.

Crystal is also suitable for Taurus, which brings more vibrant colors to a person's life. For an absent Taurus woman, constantly wearing jewelry with an emerald or rough crystal will strengthen memory and better focus on small things.

The unusual magical properties of the emerald stone are absolutely not suitable for scorpions, who should prefer garnet, topaz, opal, carnelian and other crystals.

Protects and calms wearers

For the rest of the zodiac signs, wearing products with natural minerals is beneficial too, though not in the same way as with Gemini and Cancer, for which emerald is best. Daily use of such jewelry and keeping crystals at home allows:

  • value on more well-being in the family;
  • bring peace, love, mutual support and respect into the home.
  • protect the eye from the intrigues of enemies and unreliable friends.
  • avoid stress and uncontrollable tantrums.

The owner of the stone becomes more reserved and appropriately perceives the events around him, without reacting to random or specially created provocations.

Cosmic waves get rid of aggression

If you are one of those who are suitable for an emerald according to the zodiac sign, this crystal will become a reliable amulet and amulet for you. It frees its owner from hypocrisy, a tendency towards deception and deception, and gives people pure thoughts with good health and happiness.

The stone removes negative energy from the house and strengthens family ties. It purifies the aura of its owner and removes the desire to cheat on a loved one.

For gentle and vulnerable people, the crystal helps to endure problems and experiences more easily and to identify deceivers and schemers in their environment in good time.

If a ring with an emerald is worn for several months without removing it, subtle signals from space and the other world save a person from uncontrollable anger and rudeness.

People with psychic abilities This stone is used for witchcraft and contact with the souls of deceased relatives. A large crystal will help get a sign from the underworld that will provide answers to the most exciting questions.

Emeralds are often used in antiaging magic, but whether this has any effect is not known for sure.

The best jewelry for a woman

Traditionally, it is believed that the properties of an emerald allow it to be worn regularly by almost every woman, regardless of compatibility with the zodiac sign. Even a Scorpio woman can occasionally wear a jewel with this crystal for an important event or holiday. If you don't do this on a regular basis, you definitely won't have any zodiac problems.

Emerald looks best in silver or gold, and it is common to inlay platinum items with larger crystals.

A large natural mineral does not require any additional jewelry and it is important not to compromise its effectiveness by wearing other jewelry. Astrologers believe that the magic of faceted emeralds is extremely powerful and can negatively affect other stones, balancing their useful properties.

In some cases, it is permissible to wear a crystal with aventurine, moldavite, goshenin and amethyst, the pink tint of which goes well with dark green emerald and emphasizes its beauty.

The modern meaning of the emerald

A pendant or pendant with emeralds is perfect for everyday wear, but it is better to buy earrings with large crystals. If you put a ring with an emerald on your little finger, it will reliably protect you from negative energy, attract wealth and strengthen an already created family.

The healing and magical power of the emerald does not depend on the phases of the moon. But like any talisman, it needs relaxation and rest. If you often wear jewelry with an emerald, leave it in a bowl of water by the window overnight once a week (if the metal allows such energetic cleansing, of course).

Wearing a stone around the heart has the most powerful effect on a person.

How to wear an emerald ring

On hand - in a bracelet or ring - its influence will also be significant.

When you put a ring with an emerald on your pinky finger, it will take care of your heart and blood vessels and soothe you. The little finger is responsible for human skills such as correct language, the ability to socialize and socialize, connections. Astrologers believe that the little finger is the energy of Mercury. According to informative sources, decorations on this finger are companions of artists and actors, people involved in healing and writing.

A ring with an emerald on the ring finger gives confidence in love relationships. The ring finger is the personification of the sun. It is the lamp that gives us love, inspires life and colors it with a multitude of feelings. It doesn't matter whether it is the right or the left hand, the owner of the ring on the ring finger seems to spin and give her love and illuminate everything around her. That is why many women find it very convenient to wear jewelry on this finger. Please note that when you try on a ring in a jewelry store, you automatically place it on your ring finger for the first time.

On average, it will protect you from danger and keep you from participating in adventures.Palmists characterize the middle finger as a symbol for the reflection of the path of life, the thread of fate. Astrologers broadcast about him as a manifestation of Saturn. This planet manifests itself in a person's life in his life priorities, in the development of his personality, in the ability to speak and teach others. Natural stones in a ring worn on the middle finger helps develop in public affairs, in business, the ability to be a leader.

On the index, it will make you purposeful and persistent, develop eloquence, and provide inspiration. According to astrologers, the index finger is an expression of the power of Jupiter. It accompanies our development, fills our feelings and emotions and shows the meaning of life. Wearing jewelry on your index finger affects the development of talent and self-actualization in what you love and the success of the business that is implemented

Rings with a green mineral replenish the protective functions of the body, increase immunity, promote tissue regeneration, stabilize the wearer's psychological state and balance the heart rhythm. Astrologers claim that the energy flows into your thumb, patronized by Mars. The main body parts that this planet affects are the head and neck. Therefore, Mars is primarily responsible for such qualities in a person as will, logic, thinking. For people who lack these properties, it is recommended to wear rings on their thumbs. This action activates the necessary energies and fills the person with the necessary qualities.

The stone shows the least efficiency in headdresses.

Compatibility of emerald with other stones

In the photo, a ring from the Emotions collection, which is dedicated to the luminous gemstones that the Faberge jewelry store loves so much, evokes extremely positive emotions in us before the holiday. Warm yellow gold ring set with three hundred colored stones: diamonds, rubies, tsavorites, emeralds as well as orange, pink, purple, yellow and classic blue sapphires. The cost of the ring is approximately $ 5,000.

Heart chakra stones can be combined with each other in many very interesting combinations. Emerald goes well with green aventurine, dioptase, green amethyst, variscite and moldavite. Green Geddenite has positive energy and, like many other green stones, is an excellent match for emerald. It is believed that this combination promotes emotional balance and calm.

Which zodiac sign can you wear an emerald

The influence of the emerald on the representatives of the elements fire, water, earth and water is different.
Carrying a stone dissipates the melancholy of the watermark (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), sharpens their intuition and even gives them the gift of foreseeing some future events.

Representative of the earth element (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) The emerald protects against wasting little things. Like a lighthouse, the stone guides them to their intended destination and prevents them from straying from the path. The gem gives the earth signs of optimism and confidence in the success of a company.

Emerald has the ability to pacify the fierce passion of the characters of the fire element (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries)... It stifles their enthusiasm and imparts great judgment. For those of them who are prone to vanity, he acts as a sobering talisman.

Wearing a gemstone develops creative air sign skills (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)... jewelry with emerald is like a muse to a poet or artist.

Who are emerald jewelry for?

  • very light and impressively rich-light jewelry with emerald looks at girls with red hair, who ideally also have green eyes.
  • Brown-haired women shouldn't worry that this stone could bypass them - not the option, because jewelry with emerald was and is an ideal option for them to reveal their charms.
  • who, if not brunette, is suitable for jewelry with emerald, it is recommended to wear emeralds of dark green, deep and rich shades. It is desirable to combine this stone with other minerals that act on the body of its owner in different shades.
  • earrings that emphasize their individuality and sophistication are suitable for gray-eyed owners of emeralds.
    Emerald is also suitable for blondes, for whom emeralds are ideally bright shadesthat gives the image softness and tenderness.

Jewelry with emerald: what to combine with?

As we can see, jewelry with emerald is suitable for all women, you just need to choose a shade. A woman who wears jewelry with an emerald is already unique and majestic, and she will not be able to go unnoticed.

Despite its strong energy, the stone is said to combine with gold and silver as well as with other precious stones. Incidentally, the emerald is one of the few stones that can be inherited.

However, when combined with silver, the mineral shows itself best. It will bring success and good luck to its owner. Since the energetic properties of the stone are in silver, its strength and hardness are largely visible.

Where to wear an emerald

One of the most beautiful things about emerald jewelry is that it goes with any situation and goes well with many fabrics and colors of clothing.

The natural luster and graceful appearance of these gemstones have long been the heartbeat of fascinated collectors and connoisseurs of natural minerals. Emeralds adorned the image of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, who praised the pristine beauty of natural deep green crystals.

In the 21st century, the value of emeralds in the jewelry market is growing exponentially - large pieces are more expensive than diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

The gemstone looks harmonious in the form of a ring on a finger or a pendant on the neck of a representative of the strong half of humanity. Girls prefer complete sets of green crystals to individual items - earrings and pendants, bracelets and rings.

Jewelry with emeralds looks very bright and requires careful selection of clothes.
The classic combination looks elegant emerald green color with beige, milk, cream, green and gray tones.

The combination of emerald and white is very expressive. Therefore, the bride can safely choose jewelry with emeralds to white wedding dress and look irresistible.

Emerald jewelry looks spectacular with black dresses

A few more photos of celebrities in emeralds