Which crypto currency will gush out soon?

Coinbase: After Amazon, Google and Facebook - a new epoch share

There are IPOs that usher in a new era in economic history. Amazon's debut in 1997 marked the beginning of e-commerce, electronic commerce. Seven years later, it was Alphabet, back then as Google, that started the age of big data with its IPO.

And in 2012, Facebook's IPO established the era of social media, which is also known as Internet 2.0. Nothing less is expected again now that the marketplace for cryptocurrencies Coinbase has gone public. Experts speak of a turning point for the blockchain industry.

Internet 2.0 is followed by a kind of Internet of Values ​​and the company that symbolizes this new twist is Coinbase, they say. Most cryptocurrencies and digital tokens can be traded on this marketplace. The expectations for the first day of trading were correspondingly high. Indeed, the first indication signaled a successful IPO.

The first rate was $ 381. That was 52 percent above the reference listing price, which was set at $ 250. This means that Coinbase is valued at just under $ 100 billion and ranks among the top 100 US companies on the American stock market, the largest in the world, in terms of market value.

Indicator for the robustness of the crypto scene

“The IPO comes at the right time. I think that the IPO will increase the acceptance of Bitcoin enormously and that it will continue to penetrate the masses, ”says Benjamin Bilski, Managing Director of the Naga trading platform. Crypto is now less and less a pure expert topic. "It is now becoming more legitimate for users who previously distrusted Bitcoin and Co." Shortly before the start, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether had set new all-time highs. All digital coins are now worth around $ 2.2 trillion, as much as tech giant Apple.