Who knocked AJ down

Anthony Joshua - knocked out at sparring?

Anthony Joshua - knocked out at sparring?

Anthony Joshua reportedly knocked down several of his sparring partners in preparation for the rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr. But rumors to the contrary are also rampant: Joshua is said to have had major problems sparring and also had contact with the ground. However, it is not known who is said to have knocked down the former world champion.

At least one thing is certain, who saved with 'AJ': Albon Pervizaj, Tom Little, Dereck Chisora, Andrew Tabiti, Elvis Garcia and Timothy Moten. The latter recently stated that Joshua Anthony had "blown a few of his sparring partners" and had the hardest punch he has ever seen in the boxing ring.

Even if you are inclined to believe Moten the "fairy tale of the power of the hitting", there were rumors during training for the first fight against Ruiz that Joshua went down while sparring. Joey Dawejko allegedly knocked the former world champion to the ground. Dawejko later refused to comment: “I respect Anthony Joshua too much. I won't say anything about it! I've been to training camp with a lot of people, a lot of heavyweight champions. I'll never talk about sparring, it's something that stays between us boxing brothers. "

It remains to be seen why the Joshua camp is apparently trying to maintain a nimbus that no longer exists since the defeat by Ruiz last June. By the way, there are also myths about hardness in relation to Andy Ruiz: Kevin Barry, the coach of the former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, had Parker spar with the 'Destroyer' in 2013. Parker - so Barry in the BBC interview - looked at his trainer in disbelief when he looked at Ruiz for the first time: “Are you serious? But within the first 15 seconds, Andy hit him about 20 times. On the way home, Joseph apologized to me. He later told me that Ruiz hit him the hardest. "

Even if Hinz and Kunz like to comment on who they see as the winner on December 7th, it remains to be seen how the two boxers present themselves, especially after they had to take the first hard hits. Anthony Joshua has claimed that he has "reinvented" himself and now feels "different", but whether that is enough to hold his own against the Destroyer remains to be seen.

Incidentally, not all boxers adhere to the code of honor not to divulge anything from sparring. Tom Little, who has saved with both Dillian Whyte and recently with Anthony Joshua, thinks Whyte is the better boxer. In addition, the 32-year-old has expressed doubts that Joshua will win the rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.