Why did the British Empire want

British history: British Empire, World Wars

You will learn that in this text British Empire and the History of Great Britainsince 1660 know.

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The British Empire

First steps towards expanding the British Empire were numerous expeditions. After the monarchy was established in Britain in 1660, was the first king of this new monarchy Charles II. Through hismarriage with the PortugueseCatarina de Bragan├ža he acquired Tangier and the seven islands of Bombay and so laid theFoundation stone for the British Empire. 1707 it came toofficial formation of Great Britain through theAct of Union, the amalgamation of the English and Scottish Parliaments. UnderGeorge II the kingdom experienced aconsiderable expansion. After imSeven Years War (1754-1763) areas ofFrance in America could be won, these were again in 1782 by American independencelost.

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The British also conquered Africa and carried them off Residents as slaves to the South of America and the Caribbean. From there, in turn, were made by slave labormanufactured goods back to England brought. So that came about between England, Africa and America atlantic triangle of the slave trade. Britain became so largest trading country in Europe. Around the middle of the 18th century, around 6,000 ships under the British flag sailed the world's oceans.

In the yearIn 1800 Ireland joined the United Kingdom at. TheIndustrial revolution (1760 - around 1840) brought about economic and social changes. In the year1837 mountedQueen Victoria the throne. It spread under her British Empire vehemently off. The First World War was the most momentous for Great Britain. Almost a million British people died. First underPrime Minister Winston Churchill fought the empire in World War II against Nazi Germany. The British economy grew through the aerial warfare against Englandbadly damaged, however, Great Britain was able to invade Normandy with the help of the USA and other allied forces and in the end achieve victory.

Great Britain after WWII

After the 2nd World War dismissed theBritish Empire bit by bitColonies to independence. The first colonies to become independent states were in 1947India and Pakistan.

In the 1960s, pop and rock began to change the country's culture and the1970s brought theOil crisis andeconomic difficulties. In the 1980s, these were given by the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for example by afree market economy, free trade, increased competition andlow taxes diminished.

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Thatcher ruled GB from1979 to 1990. She was thatfirst wife in office of Prime Minister and has held it continuously for longer than any other British Prime Minister of the 20th century. It was named after theThatcherism and with the nicknameIron Lady designated or shown accordingly.

In the 1990sTony Blair reformed the country, led Great Britain but also in the Iraq war.

You have learned a lot about the history of Great Britain by now. We wish you every success in solving the exercises!

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When did the UK start decolonization?

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Under whom did the British Empire expand enough to make up nearly 40 percent of the land mass?

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