What is the case of the rape in Unnao

Judgment after rape in Kamen

The 26-year-old had one last summer 16-year-olds at the paddock in Kamen dragged into a bush and threatened and intimidated into sexual acts. The perpetrator had denied in court that he had abused the girl. Through his defense attorney, he explained that he had not noticed that the girl did not want to. However, the judges believed the woman. This has no motive for wrongly incriminating the accused, it said on Monday in the verdict.

In another case, the defendant was acquitted. The court lacked the necessary evidence to rape a 21-year-old in Bergkamen.

The offender has a relevant criminal record

The accused was already as a teenager after two sexual assaults women were sentenced to several years in prison. After serving them, he was placed under management supervision and included in a program to monitor sex offenders at risk of relapse. In the current trial, therefore, the main question was whether the judges should also order the man to be placed in preventive detention.

From the point of view of the psychiatric experts appointed by the court, this is not yet the case with the 26-year-old. "In the event of another offense, however, there is no way around preventive detention," said the verdict. The judgment is not yet legally binding.

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