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5th December 2020

Interfaith calendar

By Rieke C. Harmsen

Get to know the festivals and holidays of the religions - with the Calendar World Religions 2021. Download now free of charge as a PDF.


The interreligious calendar for the year 2021 provides information about the most important holidays of the religious communities. The multicolored organizer can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF. It contains an overview of the feasts and holidays of Catholics and Protestants, Orthodox, Jews and Muslims, Alevis, Buddhists and Hindus.

Do you know when Sukkhot is celebrated and which religious community celebrates the Tevet festival? Would you like to know when it is Youth Day? The World Religions Calendar contains all important events at a glance. Many too International days of the UN are recorded in it.

The World Religions Calendar for the year 2021 can be printed out in A4 or A3 format. The colored markings ensure that you can easily distinguish the festivals and holidays of the various religious communities. So you can experience the year with the religions.



What Muslims Believe In

Islam is the youngest of the five world religions. An overview of the history of Islam, its origins and the situation of Muslims in Germany.


What Jews Believe In

As the oldest of the three monotheistic world religions, Judaism also shaped Christianity and Islam. An overview from the beginnings of the Jewish faith to the present situation of the Jews in Germany.

Spiritual impulse

Buddha's eightfold path to nirvana

Transformation from warrior to teacher of the faith: Siddhartha Gautama founded 400 BC. Buddhism. Overcoming suffering, empathy with all creatures, personal responsibility are central elements of the Far Eastern religion - as is mindfulness meditation, which is also becoming increasingly popular in the West. The evangelical theologian and Zen teacher Doris Zölls writes about a word of the Buddha.

Spiritual impulse

Jalal ad-Din Rumi: Islamic mystic and poet

Afghan refugee, Islamic scholar and the greatest mystical poet of all time - no one has found more beautiful images for the passionate love of God than the Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207-1273). Volkan Türlü describes what Rumi's poems mean for him as a Sufi.