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Prom: the perfect outfit

The prom after school or the dance class is the first occasion for many young adults to get really excited. And there is always reason to ask: What am I wearing?

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    Delicate fabrics, as in this model by Lilly, have a feminine and romantic effect (price on request). Photo: Lilly
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    Just because the figure is a bit more feminine, you don't have to hide it in a dress in muted colors: there are also great dresses in emerald green, such as here by Mia Moda (approx. 70 euros). Photo: Mia Moda
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    A suit in anthracite is a good choice for the prom - and can also be used for interviews afterwards. This model is from Eduard Dressler (599 euros). Photo: Eduard Dressler
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    Style advisors recommend that the dresses for prom should be at least knee-length. Here is a model by Kleemeier (price on request). Photo: Kleemeier
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    It doesn't have to be classic black and white: A blue suit with a light blue shirt looks modern, here is an example from Boss (suit approx. 750 euros, shirt approx. 200 euros, tie approx. 100 euros, pocket square approx. 80 euros, shoes approx . 450 euros). Photo: Boss
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    A cocktail dress like this one from Laona (159 euros) is a nice alternative to the floor-length robe. Photo: Laona
For many, it's the first ball in life. In schools, the strenuous final exams are often followed by a ball. The dance class is also often crowned with a celebration. Weeks beforehand, many young people are standing in front of the wardrobe and asking themselves: What should I wear?

The dress code determines the clothing

The invitation card usually already provides information about this. "It's the first social appearance. That's why everyone - dance students, parents and guests - should make themselves really chic," says the ball dress code, for example on the homepage of the Alisch dance school in Aschaffenburg.

Jeans and T-shirts are prohibited

Women have many options: from floor-length gowns to chic cocktail dresses and light summer dresses. Men come to the ball in suits with smart shirts and matching bow ties or ties. "The following applies to everyone: no jeans, T-shirts, sweaters and trainers, even if they are the latest, hippest models currently on the market" emphasizes the dance school. Otherwise, access can sometimes be denied.

The dress for the prom

It doesn't have to be a long dress for women, but knee-length is the absolute minimum. "Too many legs and too much cleavage are considered inappropriate for a ball," says style coach Andreas Rose from Frankfurt am Main. "Girls who want to continue partying in a club after graduation should pay attention to knee-length instead of floor-length when choosing clothes," he advises. Otherwise, the following applies: which dress is the right one depends above all on individual taste.
Floor-length robes often come in classic cuts and bold colors. Delicate fabrics such as silk or chiffon in pastel tones look very feminine, romantic and playful. A bit of vintage flair can be spread with trendy midi dresses. "Cocktail dresses are more modern, the models of which end just above the knee and come with a richly varied waist, strapless or with an attractive back neckline," says Rose. If the dress is sleeveless, protect it with a bolero or a scarf if it should be colder.

Find the right dress for the figure

A slim figure is also required for slim dresses. If you have a little more curves, you can accentuate them in dresses with close-fitting tops and a slightly flared skirt. For women with strong legs, style consultant Sylvia Ebner from Stuttgart has a tip: "With a skirt length that goes around the knees, slightly stronger calves also look really feminine," she says.
Your own figure also plays a role in the choice of color: Feminine figures should use muted colors. But it doesn't always have to be black. "There are great dresses in colors such as ruby ​​red, emerald green, plum or sapphire blue," says Ebner. Depending on the dress and taste, sheer tights are always worn.

The suit for the prom

For young men, investing in a ball outfit is really worthwhile: shirt, suit and shoes are usually put on for job interviews after school. Men can't go wrong with a white slim fit shirt. An off-the-shelf suit model is sufficient. "In addition to affordable prices, the fits are considered fashionable," says Rose. Navy, gray, medium to dark blue, anthracite or black-brown are recommended as suit colors. The combination of a black suit with a white shirt, on the other hand, seems rather unimaginative, says Ebner.
Single-breasted is normal. A double-breasted jacket is currently also fashionable, i.e. a jacket with two button strips - with the restriction that it must always be worn completely closed. Especially when dancing, this is rather inconvenient, as is a stiff vest under the jacket. The pant legs must end on the top of the heel. The belt should be the same color as the shoes.

Accessories give the suit individuality

When it comes to ties, slim men choose the narrow version, while strong figures choose slightly wider models. The color is coordinated with the suit - both should be in the same color scheme. "Individuality can be achieved with a pocket square or a shirt with cufflinks," advises Ebner.

The hairstyle for the ball gown

The hairstyle is also part of a good outfit, which is of course especially true for women. "It's best to go to the hairdresser's a week in advance," advises Ebner. However, they should be restrained when it comes to make-up, shoes and jewelry. "A ball gown works best when the rest of the look is kept relatively pure," says Rose.

Style advice

How to wear clothes with style: fashion and styling tips for fashion-conscious people. more

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| Updated April 6, 2016

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