Why was the Vietnam War so intense

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Vietnam War

Battle between North and Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. From 1955 to 1975 there was a cruel war there, the so-called Vietnam War. In 1954 Vietnam became independent from the colonial power France. Shortly afterwards the country split up into North Vietnam and South Vietnam and a war broke out between the two parts of the country. North Vietnam was communist and was supported by China and the Soviet Union with arms and military advisers. South Vietnam was based on the USA, which from 1965 also supported it with American soldiers.

War of world powers

In Vietnam, on the one hand, the Vietnamese fought against each other in a civil war. On the other hand, the Vietnam War was also a war in which the world powers USA and the Soviet Union fought over their influence in Asia in the Cold War. From the beginning there was great resistance in many Western countries to the USA's interference in the Vietnam War. That rejection grew when it became clear that even half a million American soldiers in Vietnam and the use of terrible weapons were not enough to win this war. After eight years of combat operations, the United States withdrew its troops from the country in 1973. In 1975 the communists in the north reunited the country by force.
The consequences of the war
At the end of the war the country was devastated and millions of soldiers and civilians died on both sides. Around 60,000 American soldiers were also killed, and many hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese were killed after the North Vietnamese victory. Thousands came to camps where they were "reeducated". They were forcibly forced to adhere to the communist worldview. For the US, the Vietnam War was the first war it lost. The emotional and political consequences of the Vietnam War continue to have an impact in the country itself, but also in the USA, to this day.

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