Is it good to change professional fields

Unhappy at work: Then a change of profession makes sense

It can not get worse. The stomach contracts as soon as the front door is opened. The working day goes on forever, the mood is down. Even on the weekend you can no longer relax. Monday: hell.

Such a situation calls for change. Only after which one? “First you have to find out exactly where the problem is,” says Elke Wagenpfeil. She is a psychologist and career coach and also advises clients on restarting. Wagenpfeil analyzes with you what exactly makes you dissatisfied.

Often it is not the job itself, but the fact that someone cannot live their values, she reports. An innovative, curious guy is always thwarted, a tidiness lover is tossed back and forth in a chaotic company, a sensitive boss is forced to enforce corporate goals at the expense of his employees.

All of this happens - and yet it is only a part of all possible problems. Around 14 percent of employees have already resigned internally and have no ties to the company, according to the Gallup consulting firm's “Engagement Index 2018”. Whether you have to change jobs right away is another question.

Wagenpfeil asks her clients about their careers so far, about what has given them pleasure. “When do the eyes start to shine?” Only then can we jointly consider what someone would like to change.