How digital marketing certificate starts your career

Learn digital marketing: The 10 best German-language online courses

Knowledge creates a head start - over the competition and on the job market. In this article we explain why online courses will revolutionize the way you learn to date and introduce you to our top 10 German-language marketing online courses.

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The Marketing, as we know it today is customer-centric. All activities are tailored to the customer in order to pick him up in the best possible way and to maintain a close customer relationship with him.

But the Man changes and thus also the world. In no other area are they sociocultural changes, the technical progress and the expanding digitization as noticeable as in digital marketing. New developments and methods are part of the daily bread of an online marketer. No two days are the same. But that is exactly what makes working in this industry so exciting.

However, not everyone is made for the job. It takes competent and dynamic employees and managerswho are very knowledgeable in this area and can react at lightning speed to new challenges. Her strengths are her curiosity, thirst for knowledge and her courage to break new ground.

We think so, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog article right now.

Nothing is permanent in digital marketing. Therefore, as a marketing expert, you are dependent on being able to continue your education. However, for example, 81% of online marketers stated that they no access to effective training programs to have.

Blogs are a helpful and effective source of learning, however not the only one.

“Skill share is for everyone. [...] Improve the world and pursue the work you love. " - That is the advertising slogan of the learning community Skillshare.

Come at this point Online courses in the game. A way of learning that does justice to the world of work 4.0 in the digital age. you simplify access to training programs and enable learning, without tearing large holes in your wallet.

There are also online courses based on Video content produces what the social preferences for watching videos. 82% of all internet traffic by 2022 will be video. These are the results of a Cisco study.

Udemy as one of the most popular Marketplaces for online English courses has:

  • 24 million students,
  • 80,000 courses,
  • 3.4 million minutes of video content in
  • 50 languages.

That was the last status in September 2018. Besides Udemy there is also other providers, such as Skillshare and Simplilearn. Their membership numbers are also impressive. The trend towards internet-based further training is clearly visible.

Learn where and when you want with online courses - with the best prospects, of course (picture on Unsplash).

If you still can't imagine the term “online course”, the following will follow Explanation. Are you already familiar with online courses and what differences there are and what advantages they bring with them? Then jump right to the part where we give you the Top 10 online courses in German-speaking countries to introduce.

Otherwise we ask for your attention. Because next you will find out basic things about online coursesthat you will later find out about the selection the right program useful could be.

1. Online Courses: Definition & Benefits.

A definition from Success Degrees reads as follows: "(Online courses are a) network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge using a computer." The organization emphasizes that in practice there is one Difference in execution gives. So here's one listing different online course types for better understanding.

  1. Cohorts:
    A team takes part in an internet-based course and collectively walks through a prepared curriculum.
  2. Webinars:
    The participants usually look at the presentation independently of one another via the browser of their own mobile device. You can interact with the presenter by typing in their questions.
  3. Webcasts:
    Viewers watch and listen to a lecture without being able to interact with the speaker. These are live or are stored digitally for later access.
  4. Massive Open Courses (MOOCs):
    A mix of webinars and webcasts. Contents can be conveyed interactively or be taken in passively by the audience. MOOCs have large numbers of participants because they have no admission restrictions. Common in higher education and mostly free.
  5. Real-time quotes:
    Comes closest to traditional face-to-face teaching. Teachers and students are online at the same time. The number of participants is clearly limited, however, as the teacher has to stay in contact with all students, e.g. by email.

What is a MOOC? - A summary by Dave Cornier.

In this article, we will mainly focus on Webinars, webcasts and MOOCsas these are the most common and closest to the general understanding of “online courses”.

Advantages of online courses.

The greatest advantage of online courses is that no face-to-face appointments required are. You yourself are able to decide when and where you want to deal with the learning content. Whether at home on the sofa, on the train or at the airport - it doesn't matter. The only requirement is a good internet connection if an offline version is not available. Your advanced training can be combined with professional and private life much more easily.

In most cases, tutorials are as well available indefinitely. That means you can learn the material in your own pace work through and don't need to stress.

The central element of electronic knowledge transfer are Videoswhich makes this type of learning even more attractive. Moving images are a welcome change from the flood of textual information. No wonder 75% of executives watch videos related to their work at least every week. Did you also know that learners are an incredible 95% remember a messageif this was packaged in a video?

Example of an eLearning video from and Mynd: A difficult topic explained in a charming and simple way.


Search at best recognized and renowned teaching institutions who will issue you with a badget, diploma or certificate after successfully completing the course. This serves you as a Proof.

Advantages for you.

Still not entirely clear about the advantages of taking an online course? We summarize again:

First, you can integrate learning into your everyday life in a relaxed and super easy way. Second, expand your knowledge advantage further by refresh existing knowledge, Close knowledge gaps and / or yourself acquire new knowledge. So it's very simple: Learn based on your needs and according to your ideas!


Tell your boss to complete an online course for your project. Maybe he's ready, you to support financially. The company will also benefit from your newly acquired knowledge. It doesn't cost anything to ask!

2. A mixed selection of online courses.

Many eLearning offers are only available in English language. Quite simply because the United States is a Pioneering role in creating online courses. Also is English the world language. It gives more people access to international learning programs. But meanwhile, too increasingly German content produced.

The belief "What does not cost anything is not worth anything.", we can't quite agree. Because many of the international Elite universities, such as MIT or the Technical University of Munich MOOCs for free via the edx platform. The programs that we are now introducing to you are intended for both small and large budgets.

Infographic from Blue Corona: The Digital Marketing Mix.

As you probably know it is Digital marketing a micro-cosmos in the higher-level marketing universe. Whoever wants to reach omnichannel customers needs Tools & Skills in all areas of online marketing. Thus, another goal of this article is you various Present online courses. Everyone should find something.

We have them for you Information pre-filtered and categorized for a better overview. So here is ours compact selection of the 10 best online courses on the German market.

2.1. The all-rounder.

In this category you will find online courses that deal with the Digital marketing by and large deal with.

# 1 Squared Online: Digital Marketing & Leadership Program with Google.

Squared Online was developed by Avado and Google based on the needs of leading employers. The course therefore corresponds to the Requirements profile for digital talents.

One strategic approach following, the program conveys a overarching basic understanding of online marketing for successful trading in a disruptive world. It is not without reason that he takes Leadership stakes a large place in the program.

Another focus is strong practical relevance. At Squared Online, they believe in the greatest learning success when participants have their make your own experiences. Ideas should be tried out and learned from mistakes. So are virtual teamwork and individual tasks for pre- and post-processing of the Live lessons an integral part of the course.

Additional Information:

  • 5 modules over 5 months, once a week live lessons (time required per week: 6-8 hours).
  • Squared Online Certificate (recognized by the State Central Agency for Distance Learning).


  • Individual offers for companies.
  • Employer-financed participants & private individuals: EUR 2,299 (plus VAT).
  • Google full and partial scholarships.

Squared Online Participant Experience by Volha Ilchmann.

# 2 Google Future Workshop: Learning to understand online marketing from the ground up.

The Google Future Workshop offers you the opportunity individual modules evidence so that you can address problems or challenges head on. Or you can go up with one complete course full one that includes all modules - from “Opportunities in the Online World” to “Internationally Expanding”.

The complete package includes 26 modules consisting of short Explanatory videos (lessons). In combination with practical exercisesand examples the theory can be put into practice.

Additional Information:

  • Completely flexible, on-demand course.
  • A total of approx. 40 working hours.
  • Small test after each lesson.
  • After successfully passing all exams, you will receive an IAB certificate.

Price: Free.

The hall in Hamburg uses the Google future workshop to reach more customers.

# 3 Business Academy Ruhr GmbH: Online Marketing Manager (IHK).

The university course of the Business Academy Ruhr GmbH takes place on a central, internet-based Learning platform instead of and is from eTutors as well as specialist lecturers. As a participant, you can organize your time yourself. The only exception is that weekly expert chatat a fixed date. Attendance is mandatory here.

The focus of the course is on Development of an online marketing strategy based on a self-selected application from practice and in the form of a Skilled work. This also counts as a thesis. During this time you will be one Coach put aside.

Additional Information:

  • Duration 10 weeks and approx. 80 hours.
  • Two face-to-face meetings: introductory and closing event.

Price: 1,490 EUR - Find out about subsidies and discounts.

Why & how to become an online marketing manager? - The Business Academy Ruhr GmbH explains this using a case study.

# 4 German Institute for Marketing (DIM): Online Marketing Manager Certificate Course.

The DIM certificate course is very comprehensive. In 23 modules all relevant topics of online marketing are prepared for you in the form of videos, e.g. B. Market research, SEO, SEA, online PR, affiliate marketing, controlling and much more.

In addition to the webinars, you will also receive a Transfer help and a e-bookso that you can design the optimal marketing mix for your company yourself.

Additional Information:

  • Flexible learning.
  • A webinar lasts about 60 minutes, the average duration of the entire course is 4 months.
  • Unlimited access to the online campus.
  • Final exam in multiple choice format & DIM certificate.
  • Online specials (additional webinars).

Price: 2.450 EUR excluding VAT

The managing director of DIM about their certificate course.

# 5 Haufe Akademie: Further training for Certified Digital Marketing Manager.

You can take the Haufe Academy's compact course both in English as well as on German can be completed - just as you want.

In a record time of only 3 hours you will get to know the risks and opportunities of digitization and be made aware of the new requirements. After this Crash course you understand your customers better, you can develop meaningful communication strategies and optimize your marketing via digital sales channels.

Web-based training courses, exercises, checklists and bonus material help you internalize what you have learned. At the same time, the learning material is available to you Download ready.

Additional Information:

Price: 119 EUR excluding VAT

The Haufe Academy's greatest drive is the (hidden) potential of those eager to learn.

2.2. The special ones.

In this part we will now devote ourselves specific disciplines of online marketing. These courses form Experts | out.

# 1 LinkedIn learning from the social business network LinkedIn.

LinkedIn learning is a paid learning platform, or rather one Marketplace for various online courses. In their library you can find courses such as Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, SEA, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Web analytics. Do you already use the social network effectively for your career or your company goals? Then you can learn that too. With the help of various partner provides LinkedIn members with more than 13,000 courses For different levels and course periods to disposal.

Thanks awesome LinkedIn features you can for example personalized course recommendations received according to your profile (job title and skills). In addition, you can see what other professionals like you are learning and add the certificates you have obtained to your profile. It couldn't be easier or more intuitive.

Price: Free month, afterwards membership costs 26.17 EUR / month. Those who pay annually save 16%.

LinkedIn Learning provides employees with knowledge to convince future employers of your skills.

# 2 Social Media Academy (sma): Further training to become a social media manager.

The profession of social media manager is treated as one of the future jobs. The sma advanced training course prepares you in 29 subjects on your future role. Topics are all important Social media channels and other typical content, like influencer marketing, community management and blogging.

What is special about this course is the social learn method®. Through the collaborative exchange in an online community, the academy believes in greater learning success. This is supplemented by the individual tutor support.

To that trust of interested parties, sma allows you to hold 8 of its lectures free to try. All you have to do is apply for guest access on your website.

Additional Information:

  • Lecture videos on demand.
  • Examination: Develop a social media strategy based on a real brief.
  • ZFU-certified degree.

Price: EUR 3,790. Discounts are offered for startups, non-profit organizations and group bookings. Talk to the academy directly about this.

sma lecturer Patrick Wosnitza reveals the 5 most important secrets about Facebook ads.

# 3 HSB Academy: Content Manager (IHK).

In this advanced training you will acquire extensive knowledge Structure, conception and further development of content management systems. in the Practical part The focus is on the following topics: keyword analysis, development of marketing strategies and setting up websites.


In order to complete the knowledge from online lectures, lecturer's office hours and learning material, you must two practical workshops on site in Leipzig be visited.

Additional Information:

  • 8 main topics divided into 14 online lectures.
  • Comprehension questions for learning control.
  • Lifelong access to the online campus with recorded lectures and additional scripts provided.
  • After taking a test certificate from the IHK Bildungszentrum Dresden.

Price: 1,605 EUR (excluding VAT, including test fee). Interest-free payment in installments possible plus funding programs.

What is the content marketing distance learning course about? - Lecturer Marina Friedrich from the HSB Academy reports.

# 4 sgd: E-Commerce Manager (IHK).

Participate in the online course to become an e-commerce manager allProcesses of an online shop familiar.

This shows you how to set up an online shop with the widely used Magento software create and operate effectively and legally secure. At the end there is an online shop, whose design You determine and its Products You selected and that Order and payment system have set up.

Not sure whether this course is right for you? Definitely take advantage of that Test offer of 4 weeks.

Additional Information:

  • The time to be invested is 12 months, i.e. 12 hours per week, the duration of supervision is limited to 18 months.
  • Individual support from your personal distance teacher.
  • sgd graduation certificate and IHK certificate after passing the test.
  • Start daily possible.

Price: In order to be able to view the prices, you must first create a user account. Various funding offers are definitely included, e.g. B. the education voucher from the employment agency.

Reasons for distance learning at the sgd.

# 5 Jonas Weber: Introduction to SEO.

Jonas Weber provides information on his SEO online courses on his landing page.

The online course by Jonas Weber referred to here represents the first part of a whole series of courses (3 in total). It is ideal for getting started with search engine optimization Complete overview get across the expanses of the SEO landscape.

In 5 chapters Jonas Weber guides you through the program consisting of: Explanation of terms and functions of a search engine via Google processes and working methods to the latest Google updates. With Jonas Weber by your side, you will work your way through overall 25 HD video lessons.

Unfortunately you get no certificate, but your teacher is an ex-Googler and an old hand in the SEO scene. The name and its references should be enough proof that you completed a solid program.

Price: Free.


Have you been to the above courses not find what you are looking for? Then take a look at the German-language course offers Marketplaces of oncampus, elopage or Digistore24 at. Danger: Courses are often not certified.

On your marks, get set, let's go with further training!

Stagnation means regression! We can probably all agree on that. However, there is no one way or the blueprint solution to be successful in the future. But there is a direction and that is: Forward.

Run to the front of the field! How? By using the Know-how the one featured in this article Online courses benefit and the learned knowledge immediately for your own, innovative one Use a marketing mix.

We hope you enjoy reading this article Make online courses attractive could and wish you I wish you success while studying and implementing your own marketing projects.

If you are thinking about video marketing and have any questions, please contact us! We would be happy to advise you without obligation.