What is a parcel locker

s: easy parcel box system in detail

Shopping online offers numerous advantages. You are independent of time and space, for example. It is even more practical if you don't have to receive the parcel in person and the delivery waits for you in the secure parcel box from s: easy until it is picked up. s: easy is the intelligent parcel box system, the smart solution for receiving and sending parcels when you are absent. This is because deliveries of goods or documents can be stored in a secure compartment, the so-called parcel box, until they are picked up. The advantage: In the future, you no longer have to be personally at home for secure delivery. They have it delivered and then pick it up when you have the time. Without the stress of having to pay attention to opening times, without queuing, without travel times.

With the intelligent parcel box system s: easy, everything works very simply and cleverly, simply smart! The courier uses the direct selection button to select the recipient and the desired parcel compartment size via the Sonnerie element. Then he leaves the goods or documents in the secure parcel compartment. An e-mail is now automatically sent to the recipient informing him of the delivery. Picking up is also easy: the compartment can be emptied using a PIN or badge. Then it is available again, which is indicated by a green signal. We will also be informed about the collection by email and if necessary, he will receive a reminder after a certain time that something is stored in the parcel box. s: easy is designed to be wonderfully simple. In the s: easy parcel compartment system, parcels, documents or keys can be easily, quickly and securely deposited for the recipient using the dispatch button. The intelligent parcel box system s: easy is made of aluminum and can be powder-coated as well as colorless or color-anodized on request. This s: easy parcel locker system is produced in Switzerland, which benefits the Swiss economy and our jobs and training positions.

s: easy touch
The intelligent parcel box system s: easy Touch can also be used as a supplement to a conventional or existing mailbox system. Because this variant only has secured parcel boxes, no mailbox elements. In residential estates or apartment buildings, for example, mail can be delivered to normal mailboxes as usual, but parcels can be stored in the secure s: easy parcel box. There are numerous possible uses for s: easy. The intelligent parcel box system can also be used to store keys. With the s: easy parcel post system, parcels can also be sent again very easily. This gives flexibility and is much easier to integrate into everyday life instead of constantly having to drive to the post office.


This is how the post or parcel service delivers to s easy:

1. The parcel service, postman or courier service employee delivers a shipment. As before, the mail arrives in the locked mailbox.
2. To deliver the package, he rings as usual at the recipient. Because he wants to find out whether someone can receive the package personally.
3. If no one answers, the deliverer selects the parcel recipient for a secure parcel delivery using the separate direct selection button. With a normal mailbox, he would simply leave a message in the mailbox that the delivery was not possible and that the package is therefore ready to be picked up at the post office. Here, however, he only presses the corresponding button, which is provided with the name of the recipient and is therefore easy to find.
4. The courier chooses an s easy parcel compartment size. Depending on the parcel size S, M or L. He can then deposit the shipment in it.
5. A free compartment of the desired size opens. The messenger deposits the shipment and locks the compartment. The shipment has now been delivered.
6. The recipient of the parcel receives an automatically generated e-mail about his shipment and now knows that a parcel is waiting for him at home.

The system can store that a reminder will be sent if the compartment has not been emptied within a certain period of time.

This is how the resident or recipient collects their delivery:

1. The recipient comes to the s easy parcel compartment system and identifies himself using a badge or pin code. He does this at any time that suits his daily routine.
2. All compartments in which parcels have been deposited for him open. At most, also the letter box, if this has been deposited.
3. After the parcels and letters have been removed, all compartments are closed. This is recorded on the log, because the compartments are now glowing in "green" again.
4. The recipient receives another email stating that the content has been picked up. This is interesting if you have deposited a key, for example. You know exactly that the handover went well.

If the recipient forgets to close the compartments after removal, the responsible in-house technician or the administration will be informed by email.

This is how a resident leaves a package for a parcel service or for a private person:

1. The resident chooses his own parcel button. The parcel button, the available parcel size buttons and the cancel button light up.
2. The resident selects the dispatch button. Now the shipping button lights up.
3. The resident selects an illuminated package size button. A free compartment in the desired size opens.
4. The parcel is deposited and the parcel compartment is closed. The system acknowledges the deposit with an acoustic signal. The secured s easy parcel compartment is now assigned to the resident. He then receives a PIN code by email for his exclusive access to the compartment.
5. The resident transmits this PIN code to the desired person who was commissioned to pick up the package.

But what if ...
If there is no free compartment available, the request is acknowledged with the red LED and an acoustic signal. The process is then aborted and the buttons no longer light up. The resident will also be notified by email.
The process is also canceled if the cancel button is pressed or if the parcel including the closing of the s easy compartment is not deposited within 2 minutes.

This is how a parcel service provider or a private person picks up the parcel:

1. The person enters the exclusive PIN code received on the control unit and concludes the entry with the OK button. The compartment opens and the package is released. The resident receives a notification by email.
2. The person removes the package and closes the compartment. Only then can it be occupied and secured again.

There are so many things that can be done much more easily with the s easy parcel box system. Dog sitter who picks up the dog at lunchtime? Simply deposit the key in the s easy parcel box system and send the code to the dog sitter via the Whatts app. Deposit keys to watering flowers? Then pick up the package when it suits you? Have the parcel picked up at home instead of dragging the heavy thing to the post office? Everything in the past. Go with the future. Go with s easy, the smart and easy way to receive mail.

If you have questions, we are happy to help. Own ideas? Send us your sketch, explain the idea on the phone. We will clarify the ideal solution for you. Enjoy the freedom, the flexibility and the technology!

We at Briefkastendirekt.ch will be happy to accompany you!