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"Doer" and "Preventer"

The Braess Paradox

The year of mathematics in the BBP

On the 18th January the deadline for objections to the regional planning procedure (ROV) for Finow airfield ends. The

The city of Eberswalde was granted an extension to the end of the month. After the discussion in the committee for

Construction, planning and environment on 8. January, the city councilors will be on 24. January decide on their opinion. Meanwhile

the aerodrome proponents stir the advertising drum properly, while there is a lot of discussion in various rounds.

It is amazing that the charlatans brought into the world years ago

Illusions of a prosperous, job-creating,

economic boom and so on regional airport

still find an enthusiastic audience. With a

Neither Josef at the time could understand a comprehensible economic concept

Brandstetter still await his current successors. In lighting the sparkler

however, both have what it takes.

Brandstetter had bribed the then mayor who gave him

11 years ago 3.25 million marks on the Christmas plate

put. He had already received the airfield as a gift at the beginning of 1996.

The alleged sale remained a sham deal. Have the losses

the city's own technical works are now commercially correct

written off. Nobody was ever made responsible for it.

Compared to Brandstetter, today's operators are reputable

Merchants. They certainly also have an economic concept

for their aerodrome commitment. That they don't get that on everyone's nose

bind is understandable. But if you can add 1 and 1 together,

also gets behind it. In the "Barnimer Bürgerpost «became their concept

already disclosed years ago (»An industrial park with an airfield«,

BBP 12/2001 and »Flugplatz-Poker«, BBP 12/2007). Still missing

a proper road connection to the commercial area. should that

Airfield area as a result of the current ROV a publicly financed

The operator would get access in the private apartments

The champagne corks are probably already popping. First of all, it's about

the access via the already existing Realkaufstrasse. The discussed

Motorway access, however, should belong to the realm of dreams.

Also the connection via the Biesenthaler, which was believed to be safe

Street, which for ex-Mayor Schulz last "of the highest."

Priority «will probably not exist. The current draft of the transport development plan

the city of Eberswalde recommends doing without

on the expansion of the road from Finow to Biesenthal as well

on the connection of the airfield to Biesenthaler Straße. So will

also argued in the city's draft statement on the ROV.

The realities are known in the city administration. However, it works

the past. The visions of the »maker« Schulz are for

Partly become concrete reality and find yourself in the other part

still reflected in the urban concepts and models. Beton-Schulz

himself was only a representative of a group of profiteers

of »subsidy scrapping«. It wasn't until 5 past 12 that his supporters let him

falling like a hot potato. But of course I hope

the old lobby is still on a continuation of the old politics.

Economic development is also available from the newly elected mayor

at the top of the agenda. Admittedly by other means than with his

Predecessor, where communication mainly takes place in the back rooms of the bar

or worked in "Fit and Fun" at squash. Not all

are excited about the opening of the former exclusivity.

A year ago, the fight to keep the avenue near Rüdnitz was ours

Top topic. If the »makers« were successful, this beautiful photo would not exist

(More beautiful and in color on www.bar-blog.de).

In his first year in office, Mayor Boginski was two

faced major projects, in the implementation of which the breast of his

Predecessor would be swollen with pride. For example, the

planned hazardous waste incineration plant of the Steil company

the now visible successes of Schulz's infrastructure policy.

Also the planned expressway across the landscape and

belongs to the real needs of the people living here

the "positive" results of the politics of the Beton-Schulz era. It cost's

and costs efforts to prevent these projects.

And now the airfield project. Everyone really involved knows that

only foam is whipped here. But the old concrete lobby smells hers

Chance to continue playing the old game with the new mayor.

The stamp is ready to the mayor in the event of a negative

Opinion on the airfield ROV used the word »preventer«

to burn your forehead. Compare with the Eberswalder ancestors who

didn't want to know anything about the railway, have already moved.

The public realistically takes from the whole process

only marginal knowledge. Which in turn opens up opportunities for them

To present the fiction of the economic miracle as a generally accepted opinion.

Taking this into account, the design reads the urban

Opinion as a jubilant approval of a future regional airport.

The built-in toe bars, such as the required ban on the

Night flights - an important prerequisite for profitability

of the project - and the refused connection to the Biesenthaler

Road stay in the background.

The procedure is understandable. The danger remains that

whoever roars with the lions, possibly gets between the teeth.




For the new year

As the oldest city councilor in Eberswalde

since the first local election after the liberation

of the dictatorship of the »real existing

I wish all women citizens socialism

and citizens of our city a successful,

Happy New Year with the

permanent hope for further improvement

the living conditions for all people.

With the point of view of ethics and logic

we from the FDP will always be good

Keep an eye on ALL people. To

includes the promotion of industrial economy,

Trade, craft and culture alike

how to solve unemployment problems,

Poverty, child poverty, education, health

in the broadest sense as well as maintaining the

Nature as characteristics of ethics. The logic

forces us to all of this political happening

always to be designed in such a way that when the

Resources no minus occurs, i.e. debts,

that our children would have to pay later

be avoided. The liberal attitude towards

For me, politics means working with

all democratic forces in our city

for positive developments.

Dr. SIEGFRIED ADLER, pediatrician

Amen and alleluia

At the beginning of December we received the message

that the hazardous waste incineration plant

the Steil company was approved.

Didn't we expect it Wasn't

between hope and fear the certainty

The assurance that no opportunity is missed

is going to give lawyers their daily bread

and to hold up to the common people,

how insignificant his will is.

And with certainty I tell you, not a local politician,

whoever is self-sufficient becomes this

Let the opportunity pass by unused.

You will be interviewing with raised eyebrows

give and feel the well-padded

Pat shoulders.

We all thank the State Environment Agency,

which is unparalleled in a dirt thrower

has given his blessing. And we thank the

Management of the company Theo Steil, which

that made everything possible

Let's pray: Scrap us who you are

in Trier, give us our daily wrecked car today,

let your shredder come to us and

turn it into electricity, thank you for that

Mercy with you 12 jobs

create and we take the air pollution,

that you give us without resistance.

Forgive us for trying to maintain our health

preserve as we forgive our own

State Environment Agency. Amen and alleluia


Advice for conscientious objectors

with Thomas Lehmann

in the meeting center "Paths to Nonviolence",

16225 Eberswalde, Brautstrasse 34, Tel. 03334/22398

b p

The agreed rent index is insufficient

In the September-StVV was about the current

Rent index informs. We had to

Take note that this is just one

is not a qualified rent index,

which should also be valid indefinitely. Apart from that

of the fact that this contradicts the information,

as the next rent index a qualified one

we criticize the elaboration

an unqualified one, as unfavorable

for the tenants.

The important question to us is how it is at all

to an unqualified rent index

could come. We see two causes.

1. The lessor bias in the composition

of the committee that draws up the rent index.

This is how five landlord organizations worked

with, but with the Oberbarnimer tenants' association

only one representative of the tenants.

2. The Oberbarnimer tenants' association, which meanwhile

dissolved as a separate association and the

Tenants' association Viadrina Frankfurt / Oder and

Environment connected can only for that

Talk to tenants who are members of it

(and these are based on the total number of

Tenants the fewest) and for whom he then only

Can carry out individual consultations.

That requires changes. So we demand

In addition to the tenants' association, also the tenant interest representation

at the AfW in the committee

for the preparation of the rent index.

That would also have the advantage of being more comprehensive

To enable tenant representation, as our

Representation of tenants' interests is the solution

of fundamental problems in relation

Landlord-tenant sees it as a task.

Dr. GÜNTHER SPANGENBERG, AfW parliamentary group

"Golden chainsaw" to Deputy Councilor Bockhardt

On December 14th the Barnimhe

Tree protection trunk table Carsten Bockhardt

(CDU) as the winner of the »Golden Chainsaw

2007 «. This negative price should be annually in the future

for outstanding services against the

Tree and avenue protection are awarded.

The deputy councilor, at the same time acting head of economic affairs

in the district, and otherwise

the eternal second, finally has it

Made it: After various political and professional

Defeats were chosen by the »Barnimhe

Tree protection trunk table «to the winner. Bockhardt

had been particularly active in the felling of the

Allee Rüdnitz-Danewitz-L29 used.

“We have various politicians to choose from

District and state level nominated, which is made up of

our point of view especially against the

Protection of trees and avenues deserved ’

have «, says Stefan Stahlbaum, organizer

of Barnimhe tree protection trunk table. So came

next to the CDU politician transport minister

Reinhold Dellmann (SPD), Barnims District Administrator

Bodo Ihrke (SPD) and the member of the state parliament

Britta Stark (SPD) in the preselection.

Dr. Andreas Steiner reported on the month-long

Dispute with the district Barnim around

the clearing of a vital one several kilometers long

Old avenue on the road from

Rüdnitz to Danewitz and up to the L29.

Mainly responsible for the planned event

on the county road K6005 is

District Administrator Bodo Ihrke (SPD). But since this

mostly kept in the background, remembered

the Barnimhe tree protection trunk table

all too good at the questionable maneuvers

of the Deputy Councilor. In the conflict over the

Bockhardt bribed the preservation of the avenue near Rüdnitz

through a disastrous information policy,

consistently suppressed alternatives,

showed himself to be "resistant to advice" and defended himself

the beginning of the year in two instances as

illegally classified felling permit for

a good 700 vital trees to the end.

With incomprehensible

Consistency held

the CDU politician

Carsten Bockhardt

on the plans for

Felling the avenue at

Ründnitz firmly. opposite

the protests,

contrary to the LUA

Modest and contrary



Winner Bockhardt narrowly opposed

well-known competition. "Silver Medal Winner"

became Transport Minister Reinhold

Dellmann. This came as a client for the

new brandenburg avenue conception

"Strategy 21" came under fire. The concept which

by the experts now as the "avenue destruction concept"

is referred to, aims

on even avenues and on general

New plantings after general deforestation.

Especially for biotope network systems

valuable older parts of avenues

are thus in danger of falling victim to the chainsaw.

In contrast, tree gaps should be better

to be planted and old gnarled trees

are not only good for the environment, but

also for the landscape aesthetics and thus the

Attractiveness of the Barnimhe country was himself

the regulars' table agreed.

Britta Stark took the "bronze place". The

Panketal member of the state parliament is considered to be the

"Political mother" of the amended Brandenburger

Tree protection statute, on the basis of which

it has been in the Berlin area since 2004

Mass felling came. »The newer building lots

were mostly cleared completely. It's in the

got away a lot in the last few years, «criticized

Stefan Stahlbaum.

The official award ceremony is for the start

planned for the coming year.

Barnimhe tree protection trunk table




On a bloody foundation

The Finower water tower and the Hirsch’s armory brass factory (part 2)

The official speeches on the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the renovated water tower

in Finow on December 4th left unmentioned what the economic fundamentals

were for the construction of the tower. The following is part 2 of the article by KURT BERUS,

which of the history of the Hirsch Kupfer- und Messingwerk AG (HKM) as an armory

tracked down for WW1.

The production already played in the beginning

of armaments plays an important role

in the development of the brass movement. The industrial

Development brought weapon technology

after the Bismarck Wars, which

accompanied the establishment of the German Empire,

an unprecedented boom.

Gustav Hirsch recognized the signs of the times.

The brass factory by Aron Hirsch & Sohn

became an important link in the

German war preparations.

In the mid-80s, reports the deer

Confided Robert Hensel in his memories,

the cell production was again

The Armaturenfabrik Polte joined the company

in Magdeburg Sudenberg decided to set up a cartridge factory

initially set up for infantry ammunition.

The company owner Polte was a good one

Gustav Hirsch's friend ... Furthermore, were

Of course, doing business with other companies and

Authorities completed ... In times of economic boom

were 500 - 600,000 cells a day

produced «14 punches were required for production

been set up. Besides, that was

Steam rolling mill »now from the manufacture of ordinary

commercial sheet metal relieved to

completely devoted to the manufacture of the cell production

dedicate needed strips to

can. ”It was the steam mill

a heavy roughing mill in which 3 - 4

normal rolling mills with a 120 HP engine

Wolff’s locomobile was driven.

In 1889 there was a »modern one on the Finow Canal

Cartridge Hut «erected. However, it is

the term misleading because there were only

Semi-finished parts - rondels and pans, none

finished cartridges produced. Also from about

1886 »... were also made by hydraulic presses

sucked Crown tubes made from copper washers.

These are very wide and thick-walled copper pipes,

from which narrow rings, so-called. Eyelid rings,

were stabbed. These rings served as

Guide rings for grenades. "It is interesting

that Hensel reports: “The pipe presses were

the first of their kind and stood in a special one

Room attached to the Rohrhütte. The

Workers employed at the presses were to

Committed to secrecy of their work. "

HKM has dubbed itself the largest since 1910

German factory for brass tubes. Now were

especially ship condenser tubes in Admiralty

Alloy (70% copper, 29% zinc, 1% tin)

manufactured, whereby the quality (no drawing marks)

the highest demands were made.

Sigmund Hirsch in retrospect: »A consolation

for the failure in the equipment of the giant passenger steamers

with our pipe was the delivery

the Reichsmarine, which at that time was under construction

was and for battleships, cruisers and torpedo boats

our pipe production employed ...

I kept in good contact with the people concerned

competent bodies of the Reichsmarineamt and

with his inspection officers ... "

From around 180 employees in 1870

the workforce increased to 950 workers by 1907.

Production had increased from 1865 to 1907

more than tenfold, from 408 to 5,463 tons

per year. Messingwerk was part of it

the "giant companies" like companies

1000 employees at the outbreak of war in 1914

were classified. »Seeger from the old rolling mill,

Hensel from the Drahthütte and Rieckl from the Patronenhütte,

all three masters had their big ones

Time. Ammunition strips for cups for cartridges,

Brass washers for artillery cases without specified

Quantities, just as much as possible! The

The extrusion and part press also had their time.

Round brass for artillery projectile case detonators,

which hit the part press in the die. Although

them to the utmost efficiency of the school squeeze

worked in three shifts, came in

much larger part of our round brass for detonators

to special factories. Charging strips were also used in

spring-hard brass required in large quantities. "

This is how S. Hirsch rejoiced in his review.

No wonder that at the rate of production

important material quickly became scarce.

So-called war societies were used to control it

built. The first was the on

Founded September 2, 1914 »Kriegsmetall

A.G. «, a stock corporation whose capital

in the amount of 6 million marks from 22

Large corporation was applied. And

Aron Hirsch was with these big industrialists

well known and so »the share

The company was founded in 1914

of the Kriegsmetall-Aktiengesellschaft in Berlin.

The company had already made it through for decades

so-called 'contingent contracts' with the government

for such exceptional cases «.

In addition, there were “mechanical devices

and metal supplies ... kept ready at all times «

been. I stood with full conviction

Hirsch on the »mobilization of all economic

Forces ... at the forefront right from the start

Row «, successfully used his long experience,

»To secure the metal supply, whereby it

it was necessary to close everything on metal-containing substances

capture what is happening within Germany's borders

was just somehow tangible. During processing

of the material it turned out to be extremely practical

and valuable that the Ilsenburg copper works its

Refiners at the service of this

Armaments work. «That was how 1915

the newly developed process of copper plating

applied by sheet iron and gondolas

and cups punched out of it.

For heavy physical work in brass works

fewer and fewer workers were available

Available. For this, Dutch, Danish

and other civilian workers brought in. S.

Hirsch gives over 1,000 obligated persons from others

Areas of Germany, 300 French

Prisoners of war, 45 Dutch and Danes, 80

Warsaw Jews, 300 young girls as

Sorters on.

At the beginning of the war the monthly output was

1,400 t; in the second half of 1915

already 1,600 t made; in August 1916

1,900 t were produced with 2000 workers.

The absolute climax was in March 1917

achieved: 3,170 t. That was the reason for that

"Senior boss Aron Hirsch the so-called barrel clock",

to donate a pocket watch, »which is a large number

received from officials, masters and employees

and in which the corresponding services are engraved

were. "

That was when the cornerstone was laid

for the water tower and thanks to the

Hindenburg program on building a

new plant was decided. Résumé

von Sigmund Hirsch: »The great war production

had made the money for the investment.

She could be paid out of that, and that

was, in our opinion, its best use

in the best patriotic sense. "

What did this war bring to the people

of brass works and surrounding communities

Brass works alone with approx. 500 inhabitants

162 war deaths, iron cleavage 31 and

Heegermühle 216 war deaths, i.e. 409 war deaths

- 7 percent of the population.




The group leader smiled

Eberswalde (bbp). “Agreement against Steil-Anlage

crumbles «was the headline of the local daily newspaper after the

December meeting of the Eberswalder city council,

which three days after the first reports

on the decision of the State Environment Agency

in favor of the hazardous waste incineration plant

the company Steil took place. The

City administration had for the StVV meeting

on December 13th, in a hurry, two table templates

Developed. It was about the deferral

the building application and the authorization

the administration, »all required legal

Steps against approval to erect

and to operate «the hazardous waste incineration plant


The city councilors had table templates

bad experiences in the past

made. Concerns were understandable.

Understandable, too, that these concerns

have just been discussed in that parliamentary group

the table templates used to be common in earlier times

waved through. At least this time

had the SPD parliamentary group leader Peter Kikow

issued the order on behalf of his parliamentary group,

to vote against the table templates.

The Eberswalder local club provided backing

his party. The task for the SPD

Group in the StVV meeting on December 13th

to argue accordingly, took over

now deceased Christian Trill.

He found convincing arguments. About contradiction

inserting it, so Trill, suffices the existing one

Empowerment completely off. It is also

still enough in the first month of the new year

Time to file a possibly necessary lawsuit

prepare. He urged the city council

first the approval notice of the

To give notice to the State Environment Agency. Indeed

also had the at the time

City administration only in advance via an unofficial

Version of this permit. An official one

Passing on, so the fear of the urban

Legal office, could be in a lawsuit

possibly as a form error to the disadvantage

the city will be punished.

Despite all objections, the SPD

Speakers consider granting a

Authorization to the administration to bring an action

would go too far. It would be enough

once an objection has been lodged

will. Christian Trill earned his smile

Parliamentary group leaders.

A confused situation that was looming.

Volker Passoke from the parliamentary group of

Left finally delivered the liberating

Cross pass. Passoke requested that the passage »Die

In particular, the commissioning includes filing

an objection and the filing of a lawsuit ... «to

to brush. Trill picked up the ball immediately, probably

knowing that this passage does not mean the empowerment

the city administration, but rather

the limitation of this authorization

was deleted from the decision. His group leader

still smiling.

b p

SPD Eberswalde on the hazardous waste incineration plant:

»Fatal signal to investors«

»The east of Brandenburg is a maximum EU subsidy area.

How much longer Eberswalde and the surrounding area

have one of the highest unemployment rates in Germany.

How long and how long

still! The new federal states are still like

before and for years to come from the richer ones

Additional regions of Germany and Europe

alimented. How much longer «With these questions

the spokesman for the local SPD association turns

Eberswalde Lorenz Engel to the readers of the website

of his local association.

But Eberswalde is also the core of growth

in the northeast of the Berlin-Brandenburg region

and thus not without a chance. From that

also announce the generally positive mood

in the city, but only as an advance

to understand the future. requirement

for economic strengthening of the region and

the city as the basis of an actual

Increasing the quality of life are »investments

and ultimately jobs «.

The tourist development of the Finow Canal

as well as the development of the Barnim as

According to Engel, the health region is important

and right building blocks. “But that's not what they are

alone blissful instrument to be more economical

Prosperity. «The city's economic tradition

Eberswalde has always been based on »since modern times

Value creation from and through industrial work,

which is complemented by services. Not from

"A big bad joke"

roughly Eberswalde had the nickname for a long time

‘Märkisches Wuppertal’, for which not a romantic one

Transfiguration is causal. «The discussion

around the eastward expansion of the B167 / new is »a

eloquent example of the dismay mentality "

in Eberswalde. “Shouldn't be in matters too

Theo Steil GmbH is now the authority of the State Environment Agency

pay attention and prefer the weight

the public to use the impairments

for the residents in cooperation with the

Keeping company as small as possible, maybe

also to gain some concessions

Approval procedure in a snap shot manner

and simply without any deeper legal discussions

as a breach of the law by the licensing authority

to look at is a fatal signal and represents

legal security as one of the highest goods

every society in question, of investor friendliness

not to mention. Whether the decision maker

the city will have more sense of proportion in the future

and will exercise a little more restraint,

also advantages and disadvantages for all emotional concerns

to weigh more rationally, it remains to be seen.

Particular interests, however justified they may be

like and how strongly they articulate themselves

like, shouldn't be the sole yardstick of the

Be contemplation.

The regional airport will be ready next year

on the agenda, ”said Engel at the end.

Source: www.spd-eberswalde.de

The approval of the Eberswalder hazardous waste incineration plant

by the State Environment Agency

Brandenburg under minimum requirements

is a big bad joke. Joe Bloggs

are wondering whether between the

Investor Theo Steil GmbH and the state authorities

This in particular was whispered

against the background, because by the State Environment Agency

Rhineland-Palatinate the operator

the construction of such a facility at the headquarters

Trier has already failed.

One thing is certain: In the Barnimhe brings region

such a hazardous waste incineration plant

only harm to humans and the environment, however

no use. Not even looking

on job creation. Because

such a system is far from equivalent

the principles of environmental sustainability,

Energy efficiency and innovation. Here should

Recyclable materials are destroyed from petroleum products

were manufactured. These could

but more sensible with new and better procedures

be used.

To conserve primary resources, would have to

in the sense of a closed cycle economy

the material, emission-free recycling

preferred to energy recovery

become. When burning old car parts

leave next to environmental toxins like

Fine dusts containing heavy metals, dioxins and

Furans produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide

the plant, which is made from non-renewable energy sources

come. The plant would thus

do not work CO2-neutrally. At a

It will be a low efficiency of 30%

Have energy efficiency. In addition, a power

Heat coupling not planned, the waste heat

could use. But it is inconceivable that

the operator with hazardous waste transports -

across the republic to the disposal site

in the state of Brandenburg - still funding

can sweep. A subsidized one

Garbage tourism to maximize profit from a

individual company, but against the

Will of the citizens, but may

cannot be realized. This would be counterproductive

Signal for a sustainable and future-oriented

Economic and environmental policy

in the country and not least incompatible with

the model of the city of Eberswalde. Complain

there will be different reasons for this

be indispensable.


Source: www.spd-finow.de




Indecision means irresponsibility

In the residents question time of the city council

Eberswalde on December 13th

were made by residents of the city

Reactions of some parties regarding the

next local elections on the subject of »approval

the hazardous waste incineration plant of

Theo Steil company by the State Environment Agency «

criticized. Especially the undecided

Attitude of the SPD local group Eberswalde under

chaired by Daniel Kurth.

When voting on two motions from

City administration against the construction of the hazardous waste incineration plant

was made by mr

Christian Trill (SPD) triggered a discussion

which expressed in a nutshell

brings: »We have an opinion, but we

don't know which one is right «.

The MPs of the DIE LINKE party

applied for a secret to the applications

Poll. This happened in my opinion

after fearing the local elections im

next year and for fear of the company

Theo Steil. A rogue who thinks bad about it.

All city councilors would have only tactics

Voted yes would probably not be a secret one

Vote was required. With 2 votes against

and 7 abstentions

no supporter of the facility the "bad guys"

locate, sue, or award

overlooked by future assignments.

We citizens of the city of Eberswalde await

at least more responsibility from ours

Local politicians for the good of the people

this town.

The next local elections will be for

some politicians with this attitude the bill

not open.


Left reinsurance company

The State Environment Agency has the application of

Steil company for the construction of the hazardous waste incineration plant

approved - a shock for

the Eberswalder. Many had believed

that the will of the citizens, with 14,000 signatures

and massively raised 4,000 objections,

something still counts in this country.

»Not the State Environment Agency - the citizens' will

should decide «was written on one of the banners

the citizens' initiative for a healthy

Environment, the fight against the incinerator

organized. But the environmental agency

has decided and returned doing the

Problems with this system under the table.

When the topic of waste incineration plant in

the hot phase of the mayoral election campaign

Bursted in 2006, came the uncritical attitude

the city administration is heavily criticized.

The political forces looked for for that

Citizens Acceptable Positions. After the

The mayor was elected, the StVV unanimously agreed

Resolutions to the planning right

to secure the city. The State Environment Agency

now calls this right into question. Expect now

the citizens that the city is with all their might for

uses planning in the interests of the citizens.

When discussing relevant resolutions in

the city council on

December 13th, 2007, however, the closed one crumbled

Front of the city council.

On behalf of the Die Linke group, asked

Lawyer Volker Passoke around a ten minute

Break. He stated that the group

the secret ballot calls for. Who of the

Left special consequence in the fight for

who had expected citizens' interests was amazed

about the justification. It's about protection

of MPs who would otherwise be held liable

could become. The left held it

actually possible, for the decision

possibly held accountable too

or should be covered with it,

that there is a differentiated voting behavior in the parliamentary group

could give two dissenting votes