What is a subset of air bending

What is the subgroup of airbending?

In air bending, there is no subset or type of reinforcement of its performance.

A replica of a Jeffrey Scott airbending scroll

The Avatar Wiki reports:

Airbending is the only art that doesn't seem to have a specific understatement or form revealed so far, although it has been speculated that soundbending (see above) might fit into that category.

Aang has shown some unique abilities with his air bend that could count as reinforcement but doesn't involve combat techniques. Again from the Avatar Wiki:

Sound bending: A special form of air bending in which the bender can use the air bending to generate massive, amplified sound waves. A possible canonical example of this is shown when Aang, trying to lead animals out of the city outside the inner wall, whistled his bison whistle by bending the air and sending massive sound waves through the city calling all animals. He also used it to comically amplify his cry for help when trapped in the ruins of the Sun Warrior.

One of the possible reasons for the lack of a reinforcement mode is the defensive nature of the air-bowing fighting style. Air-benders were pacifists and preferred avoiding conflict rather than engaging in it. Many of the reinforcements greatly expand the combat characteristics of their art and make sense for their development as a practitioner becomes better trained in the field. This doesn't mean there couldn't be an enhanced air bending mode, just that we didn't see one.

While air bending does not seem to have a reinforced mode, it is one of the most dynamic bending styles and offers its practitioners a wide variety of techniques to resolve and avoid conflict. When used by an experienced bender, the air element allows the bender to move faster than the eye can see, increasing its combat agility and avoiding damage from a fighting style that misdirects the opponent, projects blasts of air as weapons, and creates permanent shields of air move, redirect physical objects aimed at the bend, and sweep away multiple enemies at the same time.

Since the series has restarted with the Legend of Korra, there is always a chance that we will see an increased type of air bending.

Gabe Willard

Healing has nothing to do with struggle. It's more likely that they haven't explored the specialty of airbending yet.

Gabe Willard

I was referring to your statement, "All reinforcements greatly enhance the combat properties of your art." Healing is considered to be a special discipline of water bending.

Thaddeus Howze ♦

And the ability to receive healing has everything to do with struggle. When you have a fight and someone can heal you afterward, you will fight differently than when you can't. It's a psychological advantage and in a fight that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Gabe Willard

That is tangential. The Northern Water Tribe only allowed women to study healing. The same women who refused to teach waterbending regularly. The fact remains that healing as a bending discipline has nothing to do with aggression or struggle. It's a defensive art, probably like Air's undisclosed specialization.

Gabe Willard

But that still doesn't justify "All reinforcements greatly expand the combat characteristics of your art." Because you could theoretically heal in combat, it does not mean that healing is a "combat trait" of waterbending.